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Witness to Loss

Hello friends,

As I mentioned earlier this week, I headed back down to Bargains and Buyouts yesterday, in eager anticipation of the nine truckloads of goodies that were being delivered this week.  While they did have more stuff, I didn't find anything that I just had to have.

This trip has been troubling me though, and I feel compelled to share my experience with all of you.  I was wrapping up my visit, when not far from me, I saw a couple of women shopping together, probably out for the day, having some fun.  One of the women got a phone call, and you could sense that it was urgent by her tone and mannerisms.  She rushed over to her friend, and I heard her say words like, "that was your dad", "a pole fell" and "airlifted to the hospital", "you're not driving, I will take you."  This woman started crying, jumping up and down, with her hands covering her mouth, and rushed outside.

I was witnessing someone's personal tragedy -it was heartbreaking and I felt utterly helpless.

It was one of those stories that showed up on the evening news last night.  I suspect it was her husband who was killed yesterday, leaving her a widow with four children.  As if it couldn't get worse, I read that they lost a child in September.

I have been praying for this family since I witnessed the events that unfolded yesterday.   Please keep them in your prayers and let your loved ones know you love them.  Life can turn on a dime.  Be kind to others, you don't know what personal battles they are fighting.  None of us wear signs that say "My mother is dying" or "I lost a child."  If we did, perhaps we would be more kind to one another.


Ottoman Obsession

Hello friends!

If you follow me on Facebook, you've seen some of the amazing steals and deals that I've come across lately.  I blame Andrea, from Oak Ridge Revival, for rekindling my obsession with the amazing Bargains and Buyouts outlet.  (Remember the great console table I bought?)  I went to both of their locations (visiting one location more than once) over the course of three days.  And, after hearing that they're getting NINE truckloads in over the next several days, I'm planning on going back.  

I've taken you on tours of a lot of the different outlets around here, and this is one that definitely lives up to its name.  Allow me to illustrate.

This lovely lady caught my eye during my first Bargains and Buyouts visit on Friday.  I'm a sucker for anything tufted, and I loved the size and style of this ottoman.  Not to mention the price - $99.  Seriously, people.  $99.  But, I didn't buy it that day.  

However, I went back on Monday, and there she was.  Waiting for me.  Calling my name.  When I asked the manager, "Is that your best price?" and he told me, "I could do $85,"  I knew she would be mine.  Andrea told me that she has been able to negotiate the prices down during her visits, and I heard one of the employees say as much too.  So, not only do they have great deals, there is still room for movement on price!  Does it get any better?

I put this piece in my basement, replacing the red ottoman that was there.

It's started showing some wear (thanks to my daughter using it as a "nail spa table"), and one of the legs mysteriously started falling off.  Sounds like the work of my other kids, "Not Me" and "I Don't Know".

The new ottoman fits in beautifully.

I'm going to have to do a follow-up post to recap more of the deals I discovered.  But I think I'm going to wait until my next visit (after the NINE truckloads roll in)...


Glass Tile - Or is it?


We had a taste of spring this weekend, which was wonderful.  But, winter has slapped us back into reality for the moment.  I'm hopeful and thankful that we are almost to March, and I can really start thinking about flowers and green grass again.  

I'm in a monthly bunco group with a great bunch of women and we take turns hosting throughout the year.  A couple of months ago, we met at Amy's house, which is relatively new to her - they moved in two years ago.  She has made it her own, with fun punches of color (a great orange wall in her vaulted family room, for example), and keeps it immaculate as well.

I noticed a new glass tile in her kitchen this time, as I didn't remember it being there the first time I visited.  She proceeded to tell me a secret - "It's not real glass tile, it's peel and stick.  But don't tell my husband I told you." ;-)  Seriously, I wouldn't have known it was peel and stick if she hadn't told me, and I'm telling you all, but I know you can keep a secret.  I have seen peel and stick floor tile, but never thought about it as a backsplash.  Take a look for yourself!

Pretty cool, right?

She pulled out a piece for me to see for myself.  How about that?

What a great and inexpensive way to give a kitchen or bath a lift!  Perfect as a temporary solution, if you're saving up for something high end, or if you're not ready to commit to a tile just yet.  Or just nice looking tile, period, don't you think?

Have you seen or used such a product before?  Have I been living under a rock?


Kid's Closet Organization


I hope you had a great weekend and perhaps even got a day off for Presidents Day.  I'm embarrassed to say that we binge-watched every episode of the second season of House of Cards.  If it was an Olympic event, I would be a gold medalist.  But seriously, releasing all of the episodes, at the same time, in the dead of winter, when it's cold and snowy outside?  I had no choice.

Back to more productive items - organizing my daughter's closet.  Click here for a refresh on the progress I've made in her bedroom.  Like many 8 year-old girls, she has a lot of stuff.  Little stuff.  Trinkets and treasures, earrings, rubber band bracelets, arts and crafts - you name it.  Her room is on the small side, so I need to maximize and utilize the space in her closet.

I don't have a true "before" photo of her closet, but imagine this space stuffed with toys and clothes, and you get the picture.  It's deep and has great built-in storage, but the downside is that she's too little to reach the top hanging rack of clothes, so that's kind of wasted space. 

I want this closet to work hard for the money, so I decided to trick it out a bit more to help contain the clutter.  On Friday, I gave you a sneak peek of the peg board that I was adding, so let's take a look at the evolution, shall we?

When I cleaned everything out, it was glaringly obvious that I had to paint the closet before doing anything else.

The walls were just ... nasty.

I painted them Pale Oak, by Benjamin Moore.  It's the same color I used in my master closet.

Much better.

Now for the fun stuff.  I picked up this pegboard at Lowes, and it's the perfect size for her closet.  Normally, I buy pegboard in larger sheets, but I came across this one, and snapped it up (the last one they had as a matter of fact).  Saves me the trouble of having to cut it down to size.

Then, I attached a wood frame to the back.

When my boys got home from school, they bickered and griped helped me install it.

Then I painted it the same color as her walls, to make it a little more fun.

Started adding some of the hooks and accessories - 

Lots of space to hang her goodies, with room to spare.

On the opposite wall, I added bins and baskets to corral more of her stuff.

The bottom bin houses her larger bags and backpacks (apparently, a girl needs to change those out on a regular basis).

She has taken to using this basket for her dirty clothes.  As long as they're contained and not on the floor - I'm good with that.

What are your favorite tips for keeping kids' rooms organized?  You'd think that with three kids, I'd have this down to a science - alas, no.

Check out my Color Spotlight post over at The Creativity Exchange!  I'm going to be a monthly contributor over there, and am kicking things off with the many faces of Revere Pewter.

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Things to Love for Your Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope you're having a great week, and sharing Valentine's Day with someone you love.  I'm looking forward to sushi and a House of Cards Season 2 marathon here.  In the meantime, I have a few things to share with you today that I'm loving!

I have been continuing to work on my daughter's room and closet, and have finally made some progress!  A sneak peek here today, will share the full reveal next week.

My daughter had her school Valentine's Day party, and shared these adorable little guys with her 2nd grade class.  A big thank you to The Winthrop Chronicles for the idea, and the link to the template to put these together.  I can't resist those little minions!

I paid a visit to a client last night that I met with in November, and created an inspiration board for them, prior to beginning their master bathroom renovation.  Well, the renovation is in full swing.  It's shaping up to be gorgeous, and it's so much fun to see the progress in person.

Do you remember their mammoth bathtub?

It's been replaced with this amazing shower.

Then, there is the old shower area:

It's been torn out and is on its way to becoming a fantastically functional linen closet.

I'll be sure to keep you updated as it progresses, but it's already looking fantastic!

In case you didn't see it - there is a sitewide 40% off sale for President's Day at Shutterfly through Monday!  I just finished up a couple of long overdue photo calendars for my grandmother and my parents, as well as a photo book for my small business I'm trying to get off the ground.

Have a wonderful weekend!