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Review: Hayneedle Outlet


I hope you're having a good week.  We've had one "normal" day of school this week, a snow day on Tuesday, and a delay on Wednesday, so I'm hopeful for a regular schedule moving forward!  My van was in the shop too, so I've been feeling a heightened sense of cabin fever as a result!  Thankfully, my girlfriend rescued me and we went Pottery Barn outlet shopping...

A couple of weeks ago, some friends informed me of a Hayneedle Outlet nearby.  Say what?  There's a Hayneedle Outlet?  Near us?  Do tell!

Lo and behold, it's true.  It's tucked away, and I never would have found it if someone hadn't told me about it.  Thus the Hayneedle reference, I suppose.  I did some research, as their hours are a bit funky - only open Thursday from 4:00-7:00, and Friday from 12:00-5:00.  For those of you in the Dayton-Cincinnati area, the address is: 1001 Logistics Way, Monroe, Ohio 45044.

I'm sure like most outlets, their inventory varies, so I plan on going back again to see what a new day brings.  The day I went, there wasn't a whole lot of inventory, but the prices were pretty darn good.  True outlet pricing.

These beauties were probably my favorites out of everything they had.  Big, comfy, masculine leather chairs.  I don't have a spot for them, but in outlet shopping, finding a pair of chairs doesn't seem to happen very often.

I glanced at the tag, and saw the $800 price, but upon closer observation - it looks like it says "2 piece set" doesn't it?  So both chairs for 800?  Did I mention everything was 30% off?  

These wicker chairs caught my eye as well.  Lovely for an outdoor patio or deck for the summertime.  Ah, summertime, can't wait to see you again.  These were $92.95 for a set of TWO (and take an additional 30% off!).

A cute little aqua chair for $123.50 (+30% off).

Pretty dresser for $331.50...

I know matchy-matchy isn't the in thing, but they did have a side table to go with it.  Or not.  But for less than $100 with the 30% discount, it's worth a thought.  I'm kind of wishing I had picked this up for my daughter's bedroom.  Great storage!

A large cottage-style coffee table for $178.75 (pre-discounted price).

If you're in the market for bar stools, these sharp black ones were $37!  And that's the tag price, before the 30% off!  They only had two, I would have to give it some serious thought if there were four of them for our breakfast bar.

And then there was this large, round, outdoor wicker table.  Great for a large crowd for summer entertaining.  Are you ready?  The tag was $120.25.  

Are you ready?  The tag was $120.25.  For reals.

I'll be sure to keep you posted if I stop in again!


Girl's Room Organization + Update


Since we've been relegated to the indoors, my daughter and I decided to seize the day and tackle her bedroom.  I don't blog about my kids' rooms all that much, and this is why:

That's right - a hot mess.  You're probably thinking, "Didn't she paint her room awhile back?"  Um, yes I did.  Last March to be exact.  But since this is more the normal look of her room than the exception, I haven't shared the whole space.  Can you blame me?

For mothers of girls out there - do yours accumulate this much stuff?  Notice how it lines the perimeter of the room.  I break out in hives whenever I set foot in here.

So, I busted out of my comatose cabin fever state of mind, and dove in.  It was really nice, because unlike my teenage son, my daughter is actually interested in having a clean, organized and visually pleasing room.  Bonus!

It's already looking so much better!  Our kids' rooms are on the small side, so I'm finding that I need to really plan out their spaces more carefully in order to maximize storage and functionality.  It's amazing how much larger a room can look when you pare it down to the essentials, and put an organization plan in place.  

My daughter was loving the look and feel of the room once we got it cleaned out and cleaned up.  You can breathe again!  The paint color is Benjamin Moore's Buckingham Gardens.

That said, the room looked great, but the hallway looked like this:

Ridiculous, right?  So, we've been working our way through all of this stuff, and have a heap of clothes, toys and books to give to Goodwill, along with several trash bags of ... well, trash.  We cleared out the clothes that no longer fit, and organized her drawers by clothing type.

I'm trying to rework her closet to make the most out of it and keep the clutter out of her room as much as possible.  It's narrow, but deep, so a bit of a challenge in that respect.  But, I have a plan for that big blank wall on the left.

Remember this project from my master closet organizational rampage from last year?

I think one of these would do wonders for the organization of my daughter's treasures, so we've gathered the supplies and are ready to get started.

We picked up some baskets and a new lamp, ala HomeGoods, to jazz things up in here too.

It's perfect for a kid's room, a great color and I love the texture.  I might have to go back and get a second one.

It's coming together, but I have my eye on a new bed to free up some space in her room, but I don't want to lose the extra bed space that we get with a full sized bed.  So, I'm looking into trundle beds.  I love that they allow for more floor space, but you don't lose the sleeping space for guests or a giggly girl sleepover.

The built-in look of a daybed/trundle is one of my favorite looks, but we just don't have a workable space for it.

Isn't this fantastic?  So much storage and function!

This is another beauty.  And really, it looks like a tricked out daybed flanked with bookcases and an upholstered headboard.  I'm all for tricking things out.

But in reality, I'm thinking something more along these lines.  Maybe I'll luck out and find one at the Ballard Outlet.
Ballard Designs - Camden Daybed w/trundle
Or this one from Pottery Barn Kids:
Madeline Daybed and Trundle
Again, I'm going to stalk the Pottery Barn Outlet - these beds are expensive!

But, until I land the deal I'm looking for, I'm happy with her room as it is now, in it's semi-organized state.

Are you working some organizational magic while stuck inside this winter?  Do tell!  Any suggestions for managing all of the girl clutter?  I'm all ears!

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Winter Blues

Hello friends!

I know I'm not alone in dealing with the latest winter wallop, and I have to tell you, it's really getting depressing.  Being stuck inside (many times with rowdy kids thanks to all of the snow days), gray skies and the lack of anything green, leaves me feeling a bit blue.

Did I mention that we haven't had a "normal" school week since before Christmas?  And that it took me five hours to get to Indianapolis this weekend (when it normally takes 2.5), due to the interstate being shut down?

This pretty much sums it up for me:

Or this:

So, what do you do to cope with the winter months?  Last night, thanks to Pinterest, I made my first batch of beignets.

In the spirit of the winter blues, how about some pretty winter blue hues?  I've noted the paint colors where I could find them. :-)

Check out the ceiling in this room!

Paint color is Winter Gate (Benjamin Moore):

Kensington Blue (Benjamin Moore):

Watery (Sherwin Williams):

Winter Lake (Benjamin Moore) - love this color!

How do you deal with the cold winter months?