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Go For Gold


We got pelted with some more winter weather, so the kids are off school (again), and my husband's windshield wipers decided to go kaput, so I am trapped inside with serious cabin fever today.

So, did you watch the Oscars?  I was a little more into it this year since I had seen a majority of the movies that were nominated for best picture, and I think the winners were pretty spot on.  Jared Leto for best supporting actor, heck YES!  He was phenomenal!  And how sweet was his acceptance speech?  Makes me like him even more, when you see him tearing up and paying tribute to his mom.  The same holds true for Matthew McConaughey - I loved his "three things" that he needs each day - someone to look up to (God), something to look forward to (his family), and someone to chase (a version of himself, 10 years from now).  Perfect.

Anyway, since we're talking about the Oscars, let's translate that theme to design - touches of gold.  Gold is certainly making a comeback these days, and it's not your brassy 80's gold, but rather, a subtle, elegant gold.

Gold mirrors and frames, along with the hardware and chair in this room really pop against the white walls, and make this bedroom so elegant. 

Again, a great focal point with the gold mirror, echoed with the trim and fabric choices on the chairs.

I'm definitely drawn to the gold mirrors, aren't I?  This room would look so much different if the sunburst mirror was black or white though.  Picture it.  The gold changes the mood of the room.

Small touches of gold in here with the mirror and throw pillows, but I love it.

Gold mirror and sconces?  Yes, please.

Totally digging on this lantern.

This bathroom has just the perfect amount of gold incorporated in it, don't you think?

Gold in small doses, is the key, isn't it?  The gold frames in this living room kick up the elegance factor a notch.

Are you embracing the gold trend in your home?  Did you watch the Oscars?  Any favorites?


  1. I'm drawn to it like a magnet!! :) Hope I don't over do it! Have a great week, Jenny!

  2. I agree with you Jenny about doing it in small doses. I think the problem with the brass trend a decade or so ago was that EVERYTHING had to be gold - and it got to be kind of gaudy didn't it? That's what I love about gold in decor today - it's more tempered with other metallics and colors like black. That sunburst mirror is gorgeous and has me rethinking a new-ish round black mirror I hung over my fireplace!

  3. Yes yes to gold! Loved the Oscars this year - some of the best speeches in years!


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