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Kid's Closet Organization


I hope you had a great weekend and perhaps even got a day off for Presidents Day.  I'm embarrassed to say that we binge-watched every episode of the second season of House of Cards.  If it was an Olympic event, I would be a gold medalist.  But seriously, releasing all of the episodes, at the same time, in the dead of winter, when it's cold and snowy outside?  I had no choice.

Back to more productive items - organizing my daughter's closet.  Click here for a refresh on the progress I've made in her bedroom.  Like many 8 year-old girls, she has a lot of stuff.  Little stuff.  Trinkets and treasures, earrings, rubber band bracelets, arts and crafts - you name it.  Her room is on the small side, so I need to maximize and utilize the space in her closet.

I don't have a true "before" photo of her closet, but imagine this space stuffed with toys and clothes, and you get the picture.  It's deep and has great built-in storage, but the downside is that she's too little to reach the top hanging rack of clothes, so that's kind of wasted space. 

I want this closet to work hard for the money, so I decided to trick it out a bit more to help contain the clutter.  On Friday, I gave you a sneak peek of the peg board that I was adding, so let's take a look at the evolution, shall we?

When I cleaned everything out, it was glaringly obvious that I had to paint the closet before doing anything else.

The walls were just ... nasty.

I painted them Pale Oak, by Benjamin Moore.  It's the same color I used in my master closet.

Much better.

Now for the fun stuff.  I picked up this pegboard at Lowes, and it's the perfect size for her closet.  Normally, I buy pegboard in larger sheets, but I came across this one, and snapped it up (the last one they had as a matter of fact).  Saves me the trouble of having to cut it down to size.

Then, I attached a wood frame to the back.

When my boys got home from school, they bickered and griped helped me install it.

Then I painted it the same color as her walls, to make it a little more fun.

Started adding some of the hooks and accessories - 

Lots of space to hang her goodies, with room to spare.

On the opposite wall, I added bins and baskets to corral more of her stuff.

The bottom bin houses her larger bags and backpacks (apparently, a girl needs to change those out on a regular basis).

She has taken to using this basket for her dirty clothes.  As long as they're contained and not on the floor - I'm good with that.

What are your favorite tips for keeping kids' rooms organized?  You'd think that with three kids, I'd have this down to a science - alas, no.

Check out my Color Spotlight post over at The Creativity Exchange!  I'm going to be a monthly contributor over there, and am kicking things off with the many faces of Revere Pewter.

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  1. LOVE the pegboard! i need to make one for emmy!

    1. Thanks Cassie! I can't get enough of them these days! My husband is now asking for one in his closet. :-)

  2. What a fantastic space! I love the use of the pegboard.

  3. You are a smart mama!! I want one in my closet! Love the fun color, too!

  4. That looks great! It's fun seeing pegboard used more and more. So many neat options. I love how you painted it too for a bit of extra colour. Great job :)

  5. What smart, creative way to use that space! My girls would love that. Just like yours, they have soooo many little, tiny things!

  6. I love your love for organization my friend. You keep me on track with trying to get my house in shape! I have a pegboard out in the garage that I have yet to install. Now I am thinking how useful it would be in my son's room! Thanks for sharing that great idea!

  7. Jenny, this is amazing. I bet your little girl is loving her closet now. I need to find somewhere to hang a pegboard!

  8. You have some great closet storage solutions. I got great ideas I can use for my coat closet. Thanks for sharing. Great post!


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