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Glass Tile - Or is it?


We had a taste of spring this weekend, which was wonderful.  But, winter has slapped us back into reality for the moment.  I'm hopeful and thankful that we are almost to March, and I can really start thinking about flowers and green grass again.  

I'm in a monthly bunco group with a great bunch of women and we take turns hosting throughout the year.  A couple of months ago, we met at Amy's house, which is relatively new to her - they moved in two years ago.  She has made it her own, with fun punches of color (a great orange wall in her vaulted family room, for example), and keeps it immaculate as well.

I noticed a new glass tile in her kitchen this time, as I didn't remember it being there the first time I visited.  She proceeded to tell me a secret - "It's not real glass tile, it's peel and stick.  But don't tell my husband I told you." ;-)  Seriously, I wouldn't have known it was peel and stick if she hadn't told me, and I'm telling you all, but I know you can keep a secret.  I have seen peel and stick floor tile, but never thought about it as a backsplash.  Take a look for yourself!

Pretty cool, right?

She pulled out a piece for me to see for myself.  How about that?

What a great and inexpensive way to give a kitchen or bath a lift!  Perfect as a temporary solution, if you're saving up for something high end, or if you're not ready to commit to a tile just yet.  Or just nice looking tile, period, don't you think?

Have you seen or used such a product before?  Have I been living under a rock?


  1. That is so cool. I've never seen this before. Her secret is safe with me! Love it.

  2. Oh wow - had no idea that even existed! Wonder how many different styles are out there?

  3. We just recently stumbled upon this product at a local store (can't remember if it was Lowes or Home Depot) and love it!! I think they even make one that looks like metal.

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    1. Wow, that's terrific and would be super easy to install. That may be the perfect option for my kitchen. Can you find out where she got it? Lowes or?

  5. Add me to list of people clueless that such a thing existed! Looks great!

  6. OMG, how cool. I have to check this out.

  7. Yep, I've seen it at Home Depot :)


  8. I have seen that and think it's a terrific concept. That one in particular is really pretty and looks great with your friend's cabinets and colors!!

  9. I had no idea, that is awesome! Thanks for sharing!


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