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Review: Hayneedle Outlet


I hope you're having a good week.  We've had one "normal" day of school this week, a snow day on Tuesday, and a delay on Wednesday, so I'm hopeful for a regular schedule moving forward!  My van was in the shop too, so I've been feeling a heightened sense of cabin fever as a result!  Thankfully, my girlfriend rescued me and we went Pottery Barn outlet shopping...

A couple of weeks ago, some friends informed me of a Hayneedle Outlet nearby.  Say what?  There's a Hayneedle Outlet?  Near us?  Do tell!

Lo and behold, it's true.  It's tucked away, and I never would have found it if someone hadn't told me about it.  Thus the Hayneedle reference, I suppose.  I did some research, as their hours are a bit funky - only open Thursday from 4:00-7:00, and Friday from 12:00-5:00.  For those of you in the Dayton-Cincinnati area, the address is: 1001 Logistics Way, Monroe, Ohio 45044.

I'm sure like most outlets, their inventory varies, so I plan on going back again to see what a new day brings.  The day I went, there wasn't a whole lot of inventory, but the prices were pretty darn good.  True outlet pricing.

These beauties were probably my favorites out of everything they had.  Big, comfy, masculine leather chairs.  I don't have a spot for them, but in outlet shopping, finding a pair of chairs doesn't seem to happen very often.

I glanced at the tag, and saw the $800 price, but upon closer observation - it looks like it says "2 piece set" doesn't it?  So both chairs for 800?  Did I mention everything was 30% off?  

These wicker chairs caught my eye as well.  Lovely for an outdoor patio or deck for the summertime.  Ah, summertime, can't wait to see you again.  These were $92.95 for a set of TWO (and take an additional 30% off!).

A cute little aqua chair for $123.50 (+30% off).

Pretty dresser for $331.50...

I know matchy-matchy isn't the in thing, but they did have a side table to go with it.  Or not.  But for less than $100 with the 30% discount, it's worth a thought.  I'm kind of wishing I had picked this up for my daughter's bedroom.  Great storage!

A large cottage-style coffee table for $178.75 (pre-discounted price).

If you're in the market for bar stools, these sharp black ones were $37!  And that's the tag price, before the 30% off!  They only had two, I would have to give it some serious thought if there were four of them for our breakfast bar.

And then there was this large, round, outdoor wicker table.  Great for a large crowd for summer entertaining.  Are you ready?  The tag was $120.25.  

Are you ready?  The tag was $120.25.  For reals.

I'll be sure to keep you posted if I stop in again!


  1. I am from the Cleveland area, and had never spent too much time in the Columbus/Dayton/Cincinnati area until my daughter became a student at OSU and now a med student at Wright State. I can't believe how many great outlets you have in that area ! Pottery Barn, Ballard, Frontgate, an Ikea store, and now another one you just told us about ! May have to pay my daughter a visit as soon as this cold weather disappears !

  2. Thanks for the virtual visit to the Hayneedle Outlet! A reader had told me about it almost a year ago but I never made it there and always wondered what kind of stuff they had. Looks like they don't have as much great stuff as Ballard but prices are better!!

  3. You should have bought it, I have been eyeing these on Joss and Main for over $200 a piece. I have also seen those for much more. If there were 2 I would have loved to have them!

    (white nightstands)

    You are lucky to have all those outlets near you. I am in Indy so it isn't that far but still....

  4. just checked and they are $449 on Hayneedle so under $100 is a good deal. Was it in good shape?

    1. It was in perfect condition!! I'm definitely going to have to keep checking back to see what their inventory holds!


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