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Dear Spring, I miss you. Please come back soon.

Happy Monday!

My apologies for being off the grid - I got smacked down with a nasty virus that had me in bed (aching and sleeping) for two days.  Thankfully, I'm on the mend - I'm not used to being so useless like that!

I don't know about you, but I'm about done with Old Man Winter, and hoping that Mother Nature can make a case for an early spring!  At the very least, my spirits were lifted by seeing signs of spring in the stores.  Thank you, Target for making me even happier than you already do when I pay you a visit.

I'm loving all things chalkboard right now, so you can imagine why I snapped up these cute little chalkboard labeled buckets ($1 each, thank you very much).  And just how is a girl supposed to resist chalkboard labeled spice jars with lids in lovely spring hues?  Throw in some tangerine kitchen towels, and I'm a happy camper.  (Still cold, but happier).

Once I got these cuties home, I got to thinking that they could be a DIY project if you have old spice jars (or ANY jars for that matter) that you want to repurpose.  Did you notice they even have a chalkboard label on the lid?

And since I'm a girl that loves a sale, I couldn't pass up this masculine herringbone patterned mirror and sweet soap dispenser I found on clearance.  I had eyed the soap dispenser over the holidays, and am glad I waited, it was $2.98 vs. $9.99 at full price.  The mirror was $11.98, and I'm wishing I had picked up the other two to make a trio somewhere.  My husband's office perhaps?  He's in the midst of an organizational kick/redo in that space, and I'm trying very hard to hold my tongue and not be a total control freak be supportive of his design choices.

Masculine, right?

And then, there is my favorite find of the weekend.  This adorable slipper chair in a navy trellis fabric.  I fell in love with this beauty, and spent more time than I care to admit, looking for a mate, so I could pair them up in the family room, or even in the basement.  Even the hubby likes it.  Until then, she will be resting quietly in my office. :-)  Or maybe I should make the supreme sacrifice and replace the ugly chairs he bought put it in his office.

A total steal at $99, courtesy of my second home, TJ Maxx.

They also had these modern geometric slipper chairs - a pair, no less!

And this fun chair that is covered in the same Sweet William fabric swatch I ordered from Tonic Living.  It would be really lovely in an office or as a pair, at opposite ends of a dining room table (there were two chairs available at one point, but alas, there is only one there now).

This side table would be great indoors or outdoors (on a deck, to rest my cold drink on a warm summer day...).

I thought these gift bags were so sweet - not only for gift giving, but perhaps to frame and display in a child's room.

Is Old Man Winter still parked in your driveway?  Have you found any spring steals lately to quell your winter blues ?

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A Little Lovely in the Linen Closet

Happy Wednesday!

I hope you're having a great week and the temperatures are warmer than your freezer.  I would actually be happy with freezer temps right now, because it is crazy f-f-f-freeezing here!  But, cold weather is good for indoor projects, right?  I'm still organizing, and today I have a linen closet to share.

But first, let's look at some inspirational linen closets to get you in the organizing mood.  Photos of pretty organization ideas always help with that, don't they?

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

I think a dreamy built-in linen closet like this would inspire me to stay organized.  Especially if all of my linens were on display!  I would have to get some gorgeous sheets and towels for a linen closet like this.

How about this clever closet?  Using organizers you'd typically use in the kitchen - brilliant!
Source: via Ana on Pinterest

And who wouldn't love one of these built-in beauties in their bathroom?  So much more attractive and functional than the standard issue linen closet, and what a great use of space.

Source: via Lucinda on Pinterest

Here is another lovely linen closet - notice how it appears to be a regular closet, complete with bi-fold doors, but the shelving makes it pretty and functional.  A great combination when we're talking about closet spaces, don't you think?

These wire baskets are so pretty in this linen closet don't you think?  Especially when paired with the chalkboard labels.

And here is a little exercise in organizational smarts - pull out drawers in the linen closet!  Duh!  Why didn't I think of that?  Solves the problem with towels and washcloths getting balled up in the back of the closet. 
Source: via Molly on Pinterest

A great way to extend your closet space is to add a couple of towel racks on the door.  For hanging up towels to dry, or storing extra blankets.

And who says you need a closet to store your linens?  This is as lovely as anything I've seen, and still serves the same purpose.  (And I just can't get enough of those wire baskets!)

I wish that I could steal some space from my master closet and dedicate it to my linen closet.  We have a great space in our master bathroom, but the linen closet falls short.  Well, not short - narrow.  Where is it written that the standard issue linen closet must be a narrow rectangle of a space?

Here is my (embarrassingly unorganized) before photo:

But, it has made quite a turnaround, and is proof that even a long, rectangular linen closet doesn't have to be an abomination. 

Better, yes?  I even added my own labeled tags (courtesy of paint chips and my tag shaped hole punch - how's that for resourceful?)

I also added a basket by the shower for towels, so no one has to freeze while jumping out of the shower and grabbing one out of the linen closet.  This is especially handy on days like today, when it's -15 degrees outside.

In the design of this home, someone forgot that there should be towel holders or something for the shower, so we added some command hooks that adhere to the tile for hanging wet towels.

And here is a Before and After shot for you:

So, the linen closet is done, and my office/craft closet is done.  I'm off to conquer the countless other abominable closets in my home!

Are you trying to get organized in the new year?  How's it going?

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Laundry Room Organized!

Happy Monday!

We had some Spring-like weather this weekend, and it was lovely to open up the windows a bit and let some fresh air in the house.  I think it helped to fuel my Spring cleaning kick, as I got busy organizing the laundry room this weekend.

I don't know about you, but my laundry room is the first room you hit when you walk in the door, and it seems to be a dumping ground for everything - coats, hats, shoes, backpacks - oh, and laundry of course (my nemesis).  Very rarely is laundry "done" in my house - as in "complete" (unless we're going on vacation - then it all seems to get done.  But then I'm left with a huge pile when we return and the vicious cycle continues).

I have been uber-inspired by all of the delightful organizing ideas and photos at A Bowl Full of Lemons.  I got my office whipped into shape, and moved on to the laundry room since I was tired of the stress of the mess!

So, let's take a look! 

The "Before" - I should qualify this with the fact that this is a pretty tame before picture, and I would consider this relatively good compared to its usual state.

And then there is the coat cluster...

Nevermind the cabinet disorganization...

I'm happy to report that my laundry is DONE (as in COMPLETE), and my laundry room now looks like this:

And the cabinets? 

Is there a 12-step program for my addiction to chalk board labels?

And who doesn't like a little pretty in their laundry room? 

Couldn't resist a photo montage...

Chalkboard labels:  Hobby Lobby
Chalkboard pens:  Hobby Lobby
Wire basket:  HomeGoods
Glass jars:  IKEA
Rubber laundry basket:  Target
Hand towel:  TJ Maxx
Shoe organizer:  Ballard Designs Outlet
Coat hook rack:  Ballard Designs Outlet

What have you been organizing lately? 

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JCPenney Catalog Style - 1971

Hello friends!

I posted a couple of groovy photos from my vintage 1971 JCPenney catalog that I found while organizing my office the other day, and have been captivated by it ever since.  This stuff is just too funny not to share, and I'm so happy that I held on to it!

So, here we go - a look back at JCP style circa 1971.

One of the trends I noticed throughout the catalog, was the idea that "More is More".  See Exhibit A below.  Blue carpet in the bathroom, along with a blue toilet rug, toilet seat cover, tank cover, wastebasket cover, tissue box cover, toilet paper cover and even a SCALE cover.  That was a first for me - I have never seen a scale cover before, have you?  The only problem I see with it is that it's covering the wrong part of the scale - you know, the part that displays the weight! ;-)  As an added bonus, these items are available in a rainbow of colors, and don't forget the added bow embellishment!

Or there is this lovely Pepto Bismol look (with a round scale cover):

In keeping with the bathroom decor, evidently some women in the 1970's loved their towels so much that they wanted to wear them.  So they did.  And yes, the caption says, "Towels so beautiful you'll want to wear them!"
"If only I had this towel dress in avocado green..."
Lots of options in the toilet seat department as well - available in all of the "now" colors.

The "More is More" trend, along with liking your home decor so much you want to wear it, carries over to the bedroom as well.

Do you aspire to be an interior decorator?  Grab a pair of scissors and some Contact Paper and you're on your way!

I mean, seriously, what more do you need, if you have Contact Paper?  You can dress up your cabinets, update your walls, cover your furniture - the possibilities are endless!

When you're finished coating your home in Contact Paper, you can move on to installing vinyl flooring in your kitchen. 

Who knew that the only thing you need to do to differentiate between Mediterranean vs. Contemporary style was to add a handle to the middle of your kitchen cabinets?  How much do you want to bet that this woman's outfit matches her kitchen appliances?  After all, it matches her range hood and the vinyl flooring she just installed.  

You also have the option of installing some cool saloon-style doors in your home - your choice of colorful inserts!

And then we have this creepy clown motif for the kids in the house.  Seriously, my son would have to go into therapy if he had something like this in his room.  When asked what his greatest fear is, he'll tell you without hesitation - clowns.

And what 70's child didn't have a bike with a banana seat?  Oh, sweet memories...

And for the older kids - hanging out in feet pajamas and ponytails, eating popcorn and listening to some albums on their record players on a faux hide rug makes for a perfect evening.  But like the page says, "Don't be alarmed, the faux hide rugs don't bite."  Whew!  What a relief!

We can't talk 70's and not include fashion.  Look, this dress is available in all styles in case you can't make up your mind!

I had to giggle a little bit at this "cloak" - I don't think my husband would mind if this came back in style, now that he has a daughter. ;-)

The Partridge Family called.  They want their clothes back.

The guys weren't immune to bad 70's fashion either.  I'm still trying to understand what these three could possibly be talking about.  Perhaps this was the beginnings of The Village People.

And then there's this sexy little number.  Didn't he date Marcia Brady?

So there you have it!  Hard to believe so many of these styles were so mainstream, isn't it?  I hope you enjoyed this time capsule as much as I did!