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One of the perks of my new at-home status is that I can shop around at different stores that I normally don't have the time to peruse.  In doing so, I'm finding that it pays to shop around.  Literally.

Let me explain.  I stopped into a "designer's consignment store" the other day, and it was filled with all sorts of unique (and overpriced) pieces. 

While these pieces are both interesting, they're both priced at upwards of $1500 each.  Interesting, but not that interesting, if you ask me.

I saw a dresser similar to this second one on Craigslist for $100.  (Of course, it's not there now - it must have sold!).  Granted, it wasn't an exact match, but definitely similar, and I'll take similar with a price difference like that!

Like I said, this "Designer's Consignment" store was filled with some weird one-of-a-kind pieces.

Duck sled anyone?

This rainbow dresser was priced at $100.  For real?  I suspect prices like this is why this store was jam packed with inventory.

I did like these vintage baseball glove and catcher's mask though.

What's interesting, is that I found virtually the same table, in three different places, with three very different prices.  The Designer's Consignment store had it for $200 (but alas, I have no picture, my bad). 

Another shop I stopped by had it for 50% off - only $30.

This one has a little more detail, but is priced at $100.

I've seen these types of tables on Craigslist as well, so it definitely pays to shop around.

Speaking of Craigslist, I might have to make this a regular series - "Friday Craigslist Cray Cray".  I can't help myself - there is so much good material out there!

Do me a favor - finish coloring your Easter eggs and take the poor baby out of your photos before posting about your moving sale.  Although he is a cutie.
And then there is this carved heart chair - be the first in your neighborhood to own this one of a kind piece for the low, low price of $275!  Too bad you can't cozy up with your sweetie in this Love Chair...

Have a fantastic weekend!!


  1. How exciting for you! It is pretty awesome to get the browse without the crowds! ;)

  2. How funny the pictures on Craigs List are. I consign some things at a designer consign shop sometimes and some of the prices in there are crazy, but her store actually does very well. Hey, if she can get more for the stuff I bring then good for me, but I do think some pieces are way over priced.

  3. Omg what a price difference-you really do have to shop around.
    Have a good weekend.

  4. You find the most hilarious pics on CL!! That chair for that price???? Really?
    I just bought a coffee table yesterday at Salvation Army for $39.90 - it's so heavy and such a great piece of furniture! I still can't believe the price!

  5. I love this! I get really annoyed shopping at my local Good Will that has items prices so outrageously high. Really, I should take some pics. I looked at a set of 3 really dated pictures in frames, probably retailed for $19.99 10 years ago--Good Will had them priced for $20 each. Ridiculous.

    Craigslist is also pricey around here. Its the Washington DC area I guess.

  6. I once saw a table like the first one, and they were asking $25 for it, dummy me did not get it, and I'm kicking myself for it since!! I have missed out on some great pieces on Craig's list because we could not pick it up in our small cars, but the hubby recently got a pick up, and I cannot wait for big purchases now. I'm all for some CL funnies, you will be amazed at the weird things people post.

  7. I have that EXACT table, the second one with more detail. I most definitely dd not pay $100 for it either, it came off of my neighbors tree lawn on trash day. I have no shame :) I painted it very pale blue and it is perfect.

  8. These consignment shops drive me crazy...I really don't know why anybody would pay those high prices for used furniture. That was a great deal on the $30 table. You got me laughing out loud with those craigslist pics:)


  9. Wow, you're right, those prices are so crazy! We have a local consignment store that prices things so high that it's laughable. They sell it though, which is even crazier! I am drooling over that x dresser in the first image! Wow!

  10. Yes it is soooo true that some consignment shops think they have merchandise that's worth WAY more than it is. However, I was noticing your drum table comparison. One thing you should know is that the table for $30 is veneer and the $100 table has real wood with a leather inlay, making it worth more than the $30 table, probably the reason for the $100 price tag. Of course you probably knew that. A person can't judge on price, it's important to know the value of a piece. Also before you buy a piece of vintage furniture you need to know exactly what you are wanting to do with it. If I were buying a piece to makeover with paint or something, I would choose the $30 table. I would not buy the $100 piece unless I intended to keep it just as it is. Refinishing it would drop the value immediately. Anyway, just my humble opinion, not that you asked for it. Such a great post. I love thrifting. It is so thrilling.

    1. Great points Sheila! Since I posted this, I have seen even more of these pieces - some painted, that were really charming! I love thrifting too - looking forward to garage sale season!


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