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Building Up Builder Grade Cabinets


As I transition out of the corporate world, I am looking forward to being able to focus on creative and hands-on projects.  I have gotten a jump start, by working on my friend's kitchen cabinets, and wanted to give you an update on the progress.

I'm finally to the point that I'm spraying them with paint, and I'm loving the way that they're looking.  So fresh, and such a great change from the builder-grade oak!  As part of the plan, Kelly had a carpenter come in and build up the cabinets to the ceiling, and trim them out with crown molding. 

What a difference, wouldn't you agree?

To refresh your memory - here's what it looked like before:

And now...

If only paint would dry faster! 

I can't wait to get this kitchen put back together again!!

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  1. Wow! Can't wait for more "After" pictures! Looks great.

  2. Bringing the cabinets up to the ceiling makes a world of difference in my opinion. I have thought about doing that in my own kitchen. How are you liking your sprayer? I love mine and wish I had invested in it a loooong time ago!
    Can't wait to see the after of this kitchen.

  3. Bringing them up to the ceiling was a great idea. It now gives the impression that the cabinets are part of the house’s fixtures rather than just poking out of the walls. The clear glass doors are also great. The glass makes it easier to see what’s inside for easy access.

    Camille Edington

  4. What a transformation! Great work by both you and your client!
    Modular Kitchen designs

  5. They have their own line of custom furniture which can be made to your own dimensions

  6. Good choice in filling it up with molding. Since it looks like you don’t really put anything on those cabinet tops, it’s really a good idea to just fill that space up with molding. or at least paint it white so it doesn’t stand out as an empty space that much.

    Reed @ Tom Curren

  7. not trying to be a bummer, just thought you might wanna fix this?
    OR, am I the only one who is seeing the photo of your back patio, where the 'after' photo should be? I already saw the complete 'after' photos on a newer post,and this transformation is AMAZING!!!!! but I still thought you might want to know that this one has the wrong photo? I really want to paint my kitchen cabinets white, I just haven't got together the courage, or the energy to tackle the project yet... but this awesome looking project certainly inspires me to do it, it is beautiful!
    SORRY - promise I am not trying to be a jerk.... :-)

    1. Now, how did that happen? Thanks for pointing it out - I will fix!! :-)


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