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Right Now - 10 Things

Hello friends,

Last week, I read a post by Chris at Just a Girl, that summed up some of the things that were catching her eye, and I loved it so much that I'm going to piggy back it with my own twist.

What I'm wishing for:
Even the raging allergies that Spring brings along with it - I still can't wait for the earth to come back to life.

What I'm wishing would go away:

What I made:

Lemon brownies ala Pinterest.  And yes, they were delicious.

What I'm dreaming of:
St. John - USVI.  Paradise on earth.

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

What's annoying me right now:

What's making me laugh:
If you haven't heard of "Bad Lip Reading" - you're in for a treat.  The name speaks for itself.

What I'm smitten with:
Pink and green are two colors that I just love seeing paired together.  This serves as an inspiration photo for some work I'm doing in my half-painted daughter's room...

What's inspiring me:

Why didn't I think of this?

Custom tables created by covering wooden boxes with Lily Pulitzer fabric and adding glass tops.  Adorable!

What's on your "Right Now" list?


  1. Your photos are breathtaking especially the beach side and the cherry blossoms in each side of the walk-through like the step in tub

  2. Ahhh...spring! It is cold and rainy in NJ today so I loved seeing your pics! St. John is one of my favorite islands! Just look at that water! I also love those boxes covered in fabric! What an excellent idea for a little table!

  3. Great post....especially the conference call! LOL!

    Have a blessed day!

  4. How fun is this list!! I love it! I think you need to book a spontaneous quick warm weather getaway today!!


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