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Master Closet Progress and Plans


Progress continues in my master closet, and I've finally gotten the nerve to come clean and show you what it looked like before the clean up began.  And no, you didn't see me on a 'Hoarders' episode, I promise.

Are you ready?  We're all friends here, right?  A judgment-free zone...  ((deep breath))

Clothes and clutter removed and I got crazy and painted the closet since it was empty.  After a visit to Ace Hardware, I gave it a fresh look with Benjamin Moore's "Pale Oak".

And here it is now.

Another horrific before.

And a glorious after.

This is probably the worst of it.  And yes, that's my wedding veil you see hanging up there.

This area is going to have the biggest transformation when it's all said and done.  

This corner section has never really "worked" for me, and as you can see, I wasn't really using it, so I decided to take it down and repurpose it in my husband's office closet to free up space for bigger plans.

What are my "plans"?  Here is what I have in mind.  I would like to get a frameless mirror and mount it on the wall and then frame it out, since we really don't have a good space for a full length mirror in the master bathroom.  Then, I want to add a pegboard on the adjacent wall so I can organize my jewelry, purses and bags.  Can you see it?

Something along these lines...  Brilliant, no?

Suffice to say, I feel much better now that my master closet is getting whipped into shape.  I have two huge trashbags of clothes that I'm donating and threw out a bunch of stuff as well.  The only downside to all of this is that our bedroom was a temporary train wreck during the organizational process. 

I share with  you since I know this is a safe place among friends. :-)

This is much better.

So there you have it.  My dirty laundry aired for all to see - literally.  But now it's a space that makes me happy and I don't have an anxiety attack walking in there to get dressed in the morning.

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  1. I am soooo impressed....dont feel bad my closet looks worse than your before picture, I promise. Its on the tackle list....thanks for the inspiration.

  2. You did a wonderful job! It looks fantastic! And seriously, don't stress yourself! I almost always have clothes on the floor all disheveled in my closet. It's just not normal to not have that, ha!! :)


  3. so far so good and what a great space to work with!!! i am jealous! ;)

  4. Hi Jenny, You're an inspiration! What an amazing transformation! I love the pegboard idea.

  5. Thanks for being real! Love the idea of the pegboard for the jewelry.

  6. Jenny you did a great job, cleaning it out and reorganizing. I am liking your plan, I have a full length mirror in my closet & LOVE it! Look forward to seeing yours when done! :)

  7. Thank you for sharing. You jave inspired me to clean mine out this weekend. Ugh! I have been putting it off.

  8. Your closet looks great! Now I don't feel so bad about my rooms! lol You have inspired me to clean my rooms!

  9. Wow, it looks great now. I love the idea to add the mirror and pegboard. Seems like such wasted space. I know you're going to make it fabulous!

  10. In order to organize, we must first make a mess to get it the way we like it. :) I used to clean houses, so believe me I have seen much worse! It looks great!!!

  11. OMG Jenny I just spit my coffee out! I thought my revealing that I don't make my bed was a big deal, but you win girl with those photos of the bathroom mess!!! I'm dying - too funny

  12. I just deleted the pictures from my phone that I sent to my husband showing him the terrible mess I was making while cleaning up my closet! I was right there with you as I felt weighed down by the clutter and mess. I didn't blog about it, but it was messy. I donated an embarrassingly large number of shoes to a local organization. I love walking into my half empty closet several times a day!

  13. Wow Jenny you are really getting after your closets this year!! VERY impressive! I can't believe how awesome your closet is to start with - lucky girl! And with it newly organized, you must feel so good walking in there every day!

  14. Your closet is looking amazing! Our closet is the size of a small bedroom but has so much wasted space, so I'm gathering lots of great ideas to implement when we gut it and start anew!


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