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January in Review & a Linky Party!

Happy Friday!

The temperatures are as wild as a teen's mood swings around here, and we're back to living in a frozen tundra.  But, at least we can put January behind us, which means we're that much closer to Spring, right?

Last year I started doing Room Evolution Parties, and I want to bring them back.  Or something like them anyway.  So, let's see what you've been working on!  Have you been organizing like me, or are you whipping out the paint brush and bringing a room or a piece of furniture to life?  Or are you going all in and doing a remodel?  Let's see it!!

To get it started, here's a recap of what I've done this month. 

First, I did a check on my 2012 home goals and how I measured up to the plans I set forth.

I also laid out 25 goals for 2013, both from a personal and project-related perspective.

I got down to business with my organizing goal and reorganized my craft closet in my office. 

In the midst of organizational frenzy, I discovered a hidden treasure - a 1971 JCPenney Catalog.  What a fun trip back in time!

Then I got back to business with organizing and tackled our linen closet and laundry room.

Then I shared some of my spring-inspired finds from Target and a fun, graphic chair I scored from TJ Maxx.

I guess I was busier than I realized!  So, let's see it!  What have you been up to this month?

So, here are the rules/guidelines/deets:
  • Grab a button off my sidebar or link back so that others can join the fun.
  • Two links per person (because I don't want you to run out of rooms to share!)
  • By entering your link, you are giving me permission to use any part of your post, including pictures to feature you and your awesomeness (with credit given to you and linking back to your blog)
  • Please post the permalink (the link to your post), not the general link to your blog.
  • The link party will be open until February 8th, 2013.


  1. Hi Jenny, thanks for hosting and have a great weekend.
    Audrey @

  2. Sheesh Jenny, you've been busy!! I love how organized you are. Today I am taking a trip to TJ Maxx in search of that chair! Thanks for hosting!

  3. Hey this is a question from an old post (painting your kitchen cabinets!) but I'm not sure you'll see it there so I'm asking here hoping that you'll answer! With the Wagner paint sprayer that you used, did you purchase a #4 projector set or use the one that it came with? (I think it's a #3.) And I don't remember if you said you thinned your latex paint at all or used it straight out of the can. THANK YOU!!

    1. Hey Sara!

      I didn't buy a different projector set and had no problem with the one that came with the HVLP spray gun. I didn't have to thin the paint, but I did strain it on occasion. But I can't say it made a big difference one way or another on that. My Paint Guy did say you could use Floetrol if you needed to, but I never did. Good luck!

    2. THANK YOU!!! Your blog is awesome!

  4. Thanks so much for this wonderful party this week, glad to be here. Happy Friday!{Hugs}

  5. oh fun! i am so glad you are bringing this back! we have had a tragedy today in our neighborhood and i am just not up to linking, but know that i am glad his is bacl.

  6. Hi Jenny! Thanks for hosting the link party! This is my first! EEK! Love your blog!!!

  7. Wow Jenny - you really DID accomplish a lot in January! Your newly organized closets have me itching to get to my master bedroom closet….if I can finish up other projects in the queue first! I love that first photo of your family room - it looks like a magazine photo!

  8. Wow you were busy! I love your scrapbooking closet. BTW -I'm your newest follower!


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