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Indigo Blues and Hardwood Floors

I gave you a sneak peek at my latest painting project yesterday, and after thinking about it some more, I should have seen this indigo transformation coming!  I mean, the the writing was on the wall...

Some of these things you've seen, some are in the works.  But one thing is constant - that hint of indigo blue...

This space is coming together, and I'm so excited to have it finished so I can share it with you.  I had a delay last night since I was freezing my butt off and stuffing my face with candy taking the kids trick or treating.  Perhaps I should have used that sugar high to my advantage and knocked the project out altogether.

But would you just look at how perfect this rug is in here?  And I bought this a couple months ago!  Destiny, I tell you.

In other very exciting news, my hardwood floors were delivered yesterday so they have time to "acclimate" before they begin the installation next week.  It feels like Christmas, I'm so excited!

And being the dork that I am, I had to lay some of the planks on the floor to get a preview of what's to come...
Awww, yeah.  LOVE them. 

Hope you have a great day and a Happy Halloween!


Sneak Peek - Indigo Blue

Hello friends!

I hope those of you on the east coast have hunkered down and gotten out of harm's way.  Even here in Ohio, we're getting some of Hurricane Sandy's ugly weather!

But, that just makes for a good excuse to stay inside and tackle a project, right?

I have been contemplating a change in this space for a little while now, really thinking about incorporating a deep, moody blue.  Inspired by images like this:

Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

So gorgeous!

I don't know that I am bold enough to use a deep indigo like this in a large room, but I think it makes a great statement in a powder room or a small space that can handle that kind of impact.  Maybe a laundry room even?

I blame Carmel at Our Fifth House for feeding my recent indigo obsession.  Look at her cozy reading nook - perfect for a deep, moody blue.

So, here is a sneak peek at the indigo blue I have added in my home.  More to come...

What do you think?  Are you loving these deep, rich hues as much as I am?

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Fall Favorite: Outdoor Fireplaces


We had quite the exciting weekend here!  My oldest son (he turns 14 in two weeks) ended up in the ER with a dislocated kneecap as a result of jumping around with his buddies in a bouncy house.  Yes, a bouncy house.  He went to a bonfire this weekend that was quite a shindig - lots of people there, kids and parents alike. 

The unfortunate part of it was that we weren't with him at the party, and I arrived to find him in a great deal of pain - in a bouncy house.  Fortunately, some of his friends' moms were there to comfort him until I arrived, but boy is it tough to see your child in pain like that.  And I know exactly how it feels, because it's happened to me.  I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, right?

(No, I wasn't in a bouncy house when I dislocated my kneecap.)

Fortunately, his kneecap went back into place while the paramedics were moving him (yes, still in the bouncy house), and they didn't have to do it manually.  (Ick)  So, he has a swollen knee and will be recovering over the next six weeks, with physical therapy starting on Wednesday.

But, rather than dwelling on the pain and suffering in this story - let's focus on the warm and fuzzy positive - the bonfire.

The smell of leaves burning is one of those signature scents of the fall season, isn’t it? Fall is wonderful in that it still lends itself to outdoor activities, but sometimes you need a little something to keep the chill at bay. Warm cider. A cozy wool blanket. An outdoor fire. All of the above?

Who can resist?

Source: via Colette on Pinterest

Source: via mendy on Pinterest

Source: via mendy on Pinterest

Source: via Lyndsie on Pinterest

Source: via teressa on Pinterest

Source: via Anna on Pinterest

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

Aren't those images just delicious?  I think that last image is my favorite!

Have you added an outdoor firepit or fireplace to your home?  I just love these warm outdoor spaces, and they just beg to be put to use during the fall season.  We have added one to our back patio - look for more on that soon!


Hard(wood) Choices


As you may remember, one of my plans for this year was to tear out the carpet in the family room and my basement stairs.  It's a light beige color, and with three kids and a 120 pound dog, it's just not working.  I thought I had made a decision on what I wanted, but like most things, I felt the need to shop every store within a 20 mile radius around before making a leap.

So, my family room has looked like this:

Choices, choices, choices!

And while I love Pinterest and Houzz and all of the design inspiration at my fingertips, sometimes it can paralyze the decision making process.

For instance - I come upon a photo like this one, that feeds my notion of having hardwood floors put down on a diagonal.
Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

Or I discover floors like this - great wide planks with other varied widths thrown in for great interest.
And then when I go back to see my Flooring Guy and share my new ideas, I'm faced with even more choices. 

For example, if I want uber-wide planks of different widths, and I still want solid hardwoods, I run the risk of them cupping with changes in humidity, for example.  Which then brings up the option of engineered wood, and the choices that are available there.

All of these samples are engineered wood.  Beautiful, yes?  My husband was even smitten with the one on the right, because it's just what he had in mind.  Gorgeous wide planks in different widths - I think the widest plank was 8 inches.  Beautiful.

I don't know what it is, but engineered wood just doesn't sit right with me.  Maybe it's because I don't trust things like genetically engineered food.  I know it's supposed to be more structurally sound than solid hardwoods, and definitely a great option for a basement or a home that's on a slab.  But, there is something about a solid hardwood floor that brings out the purist in me.  I love old homes that still have the original wood floors - loads of character and history.  And I love that you can refinish them more times over than you can with an engineered floor. 

If you're ever agonizing over this choice - check out the dialog at Thrify Decor Chick when she was contemplating her flooring options.  I think I read every. single. comment.

So, I think I've made a decision on my floor - different, but still similar to my original choice back in May.  (Yes, that's how long this has taken)  It's a solid maple hardwood floor, handscraped, but not too handscraped.  Just enough to where it has some character to it.  This photo makes it look a bit darker than what it really is, but I love it. 
I know there is controversy surrounding dark hardwood floors when it comes to upkeep.  On the bright side, our ginormous dog has black hair vs. white, so hopefully any doggy dust bunnies won't be too terribly noticeable.  It can't be much worse than seeing his black hair on my nearly-white-beige carpet, right?

I think I'm going to ask for a Roomba for Christmas this year...


Homearama Home Tour - Day 5

I hope you have been enjoying these home tours as much as I have.  Or perhaps I'm just nosey curious like that.

If you've missed any of the homes along this tour, you can take a peek back via the links below:

Today I'm sharing the last home on the tour - Village Point.
This is the view of the house from the (busy) street.  There is also an entrance from the garage side of the house, where I suspect most vistors would enter since it's off of the driveway.

It's really striking in its own way, don't you think?
A gorgeous outdoor seating area with a fantastic view.
This is the second entrance - still charming, and the awning is a great touch.

There was a lot of attention paid to detail and finishes in this home.  Notice the fleur de lis detail on the molding.
The laundry room is to the right, and evidence that this home is definitely made for the empty nester.  It is a narrow space, and you see it right away coming in from the outside.  I'm definitely not tidy enough with my laundry at this point in my life to make that work.  Someday, maybe.

Beyond the laundry space is this gorgeous kitchen.  Would you look at that stove!
 And the granite on that island is seriously substantial.
 Dreamy, isn't it?
The kitchen is open to the main living area with a great ceiling detail, but the fireplace seemed kind of wimpy by comparison.

These are the stunning front entry doors from the street side of the home.

Some interesting iron details on the stair railing.
The master bedroom is on the main floor, and the tile runner leads the way.  If you look closely, you can see that this home comes complete with an elevator.  See the buttons?  The door even blends in with the trim work!
The master bedroom was really lovely - much like a luxurious hotel.
This outdoor space off the master bedroom may not look like anything overly special at first glance, but given that the home is located on a busy street, this was a great little slice of privacy.  I could imagine sitting out here and drinking coffee in the morning, or drinking a glass of wine with the hubby in the evening.  A great little hidden oasis.
The master bathroom had some phenomenal finishes.  While small, the shower has a great combination of tile work.
But the element that took our breath away was this tub.  Gorgeous!  So unique and it makes such a great statement!

I didn't take any photos of the upstairs, because honestly, it was kind of a letdown.  The bedrooms were really close together and the whole area just felt like tight quarters.  But again, if I were an empty nester living here, I don't think I would be spending much time upstairs with such beautiful spaces on the main floor!

What do you think?  Any faves from the series?


Homearama Home Tour - Day 4


I hope you had a great weekend and are ready for some more virtual home tours.  If you've missed any part of the tour, you can visit Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3.  Today I'm sharing House #4 - The Aspen.

This home was in keeping with some of the architectural styles you see throughout this old town.  I should have gotten a picture from the actual "front" of the house, but it faces a busier street.  Interestingly, due to the way that it is positioned, the city rules require that you have a front door for the street facing side of the home as well.

Another gorgeous front door (one of two, that is).
When you walk in, you're greeted with a great space to drop your coat and store your shoes.  Beyond that is the laundry room.
This is the door that leads out to the garage - I love the charm of the interior doors in this home as well.
As you enter the main living area, you're greeted with a gorgeous fireplace.  The one thing I really didn't care for in this home was the tile - it just didn't make sense, given the style of the home.  Hardwood floors would have been beautiful in this space!  The tile had me thinking "Golden Girls", you know?
The kitchen was really beautiful.  Dark cabinets with a great window to the outside and a contrasting white island.  
Although I'm kind of surprised that they didn't put the sink along the back window. It would have made for a nice view. But, by placing the sink in the island, it does free up space to put food out for guests - buffet style.
The tile backsplash and range hood were fantastic - great features that made this kitchen shine.
A closer look at the tile backsplash.  Me likey.
Great fixture over the island too, and it does have a nice open flow to the dining and family room space.

More beautiful doors!
A half bath with what appears to be concrete countertops.  I really love the color - would have been a nice fit for The Craftsman house, with all of it's copper accents.
Ah, some great board and batten!  And, upon closer inspection, it appears as though they used the same technique as we did when we installed it in our home. :-)
This is the master bedroom.  Kind of on the small side, but still very light and bright.
The master bath.  Again, light and bright (perhaps a little too bright with that big window you can see reflected in the glass shower doors!).  These homes are close together, after all.
There is a cute little area that they used as a sitting room, but it would make a perfect office.  Again, I'm loving the glass paned door. 
The hardwood floors were a welcome addition - if only they had them throughout the main floor.
Upstairs there were two bedrooms - here is one of them.  Great ceiling detail and lots of light with the windows.
In between the two upstairs bedrooms was an unexpected media/hang out space.  I love how the movie screen retracts into the custom cornice!  Great function in that it makes the room dark for movie watching and can be hidden away to let the light in when you're finished.
That wraps up House #4.  What did you think?  How does it rank compared to the others?

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