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A Dining Room Do Over

Hello friends!

I have been a busy bee here since I think I'm the only blogger who didn't go to Haven.   I recently posted about my drapery panel dilemma, and after reading all of your feedback, I have made changes and I thank you for that!  Some of you mentioned that I should keep the blue in the banded draperies, and you were right.

I decided the paint color (although I love it), was part of the issue.  I wanted to do the banded drapes, but wasn't loving the look of the blue fabric against the Horizon Gray.  

Who knew there were so many neutrals?  

I went neutral, and opted for a color called Natural Choice (Sherwin Williams).  Ironic, since it took me so long to decide on a color - definitely not a "Natural Choice". ;-)  Does it say something about me when it takes longer to choose a color than it does to paint the actual room?
I'm thinking this will be a better backdrop for the color I want in the drapery panels.   I swear, this is a different color than what was in there before.  It felt weird painting over the darker color with the light, creamy color, since usually my paint color changes are more dramatic.

Here is the before:
Here it is now:
I need to just accept that with the light that filters into this space, the room is really a chameleon, and the wall color is going to change throughout the day.  I mean, look at the corner of the room here - the walls look like I painted them two different colors.

The other change that I'm making is with the drapery panels.  I know my strengths, and I know my weaknesses.  I'm good at painting.  Sewing?  Not so much.  So, I'm investing some Etsy help to get the job done.

Enter Avec Dieu Couture and her sewing awesomeness.  Not to mention a color palette that is right up my alley! 
(She even has a great ivory color that I'm looking at for my panels).  I'm thinking ivory, turquoise and chocolate for my dining room.

So, there you have it.  That's where I'm at with the dining room at the moment.  Thank you so much for your great feedback - I think I'm headed in the right direction now.  What do you think?

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Beachy Goodness

Hello friends!

We're back from a restful vacation at the beach, in Destin, Florida, and I have the ocean on my mind.  It just really helps to bring you back to center, you know?  So, here are some beachy color palettes for your enjoyment. 

Speaking of beachy colors, I wanted to thank you for all of the input on my dining room dummy panel dilemma!  You gave me some great feedback, and I'm making some changes as a result.  More to come on that. :-)

For now, enjoy some beachy tranquility...  All images courtesy of Design Seeds.  LOVE that website!

Do you feel relaxed now?


Dummy Panels for Dummies

Hey Friends,

I showed you my DIY Dining Room Artwork the other day, and told you that curtain panels were in the works.  So, I'm working on that right now, and started at one of my favorite places - Target.  And I'm not kidding when I say started.  Originally I picked up these three panels.

With a goal of making paneled drapes like the ones found in my inspiration photo:

But when I brought them home, I realized the brown drapery was too light and the blue wasn't the right blue.  So, I took them back and opted for a darker brown panel, and kept it basic - dark brown and beige.   Boring or classic?  

Did I mention when I returned the panels and bought different ones they were on sale for $12 each?  Nothing boring about that!

So, here's my current conundrum.  Before I tackle this sewing project (I break out into hives at the mere mention of the "s" word), what do you think?  Don't worry, I have jury rigged some options for you to noodle on before making a decision.

Option #1:  Brown panels with a cream center stripe (please excuse the crudeness of your design choices here):

Option #2 - Cream panels with a dark brown stripe in the center.
A reminder of my dining room space - 

I'm leaning towards the brown ones with the cream center stripe at the moment.  But I would really love it if a Sewing Fairy showed up at my doorstep and could make some panels in three colors that blended beautifully.  

Or could I force the blue into the palette?  See the rug above vs. the blue in the drapes below?

And just between us, I'm starting to question my choice of wall color in here.  It seems to be taking on more of a green undertone, and while I'm trying to ignore it, it's gnawing at me.  Maybe new drapes will serve as a distraction.

Or do I just say to heck with it and buy some drapes online?  Even though I can't find what I want online...

How's that for wishy washy?  What do you think?  Sometimes having fresh eyes is just what you need, right?

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Dining Room Progress: Adding Artwork


Remember my inspiration photo for my dining room redo?  Let me refresh your memory, just in case you forgot...

Ah, yes.  There it is.

Well, another teensy step has been made in emulating this room into my own.  The artwork.

I didn't do shadow boxes like the inspiration photo, but was going more for the effect.  I started with some images that I've had, and have always thought it would be perfect somewhere in the home, but just didn't know where.  Until now.

Meet Cook's Illustrated.  And no, it's not sexy pictures of food as the name may imply.  But the recipes are awesome.

The back pages of these magazines are just crying out to be framed.

Aren't they fun?

So, I bought four frames (for now), and put these images to work.  (Sorry for some of the angles on these - it's virtually impossible to get a straight shot without a glare.)

I debated on whether or not to hang them in a line or in a square of four.  I opted for the line of four, but the jury is still out, and I may very well change them around (and maybe buy a couple more frames).  I could see a group of six frames working well here now that I think about it... 

Even the images on the front are frame worthy. 
There you have it.  I have also purchased some drapes in an attempt to replicate the banded drapes in my inspiration photo.  That will involve a sewing machine (and probably some choice words), so I'll keep you posted on that.

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