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Features & An April Room Evolution Party

Hello friends,

Sorry I'm running late on this month's party (and features) - I felt like crap over the weekend and spent a good deal of time in bed as a result.  But, I'm on the mend. :-) 

Speaking of bedrooms - look at this lovely and romantic one from Beaux R'eves.  I wouldn't mind spending some down time in this prettied up space.

And I promise you this kitchen at Stay at Home-ista will stop you in your tracks.  From the finishes to the view, it's just gorgeous.

Look at this fun kid's bathroom update from Diary of a {Wannabee} Domestic Diva.  You know me, I can't resist a little bead board and some hooks in the bathroom in the name of organization!

If you're ever looking for some help in giving your home a facelift before putting it on the market, take a look at what Lisa has done at Shine Your Light.  Turning paneling into prettiness, one room at a time.  (And don't forget to check out the green painted floor in the laundry room - adorable!)  You need to see it for yourself.

And I love this great table and chairs makeover at Cents-able Spaces.  So fresh and pretty, and the numbers on the chairs just kick it all up a notch!

Speaking of numbers - look at these DIY painted plates from home happy home.  What is it about this numbering trend that I love so much?

Please grab a "Featured" button if I've featured one of your projects!

All right everyone - let's see what you've been doing!  Looking forward to seeing your projects this month!

The Rules:
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  • Two links per person (because I don't want you to run out of rooms to share!)
  • By entering your link, you are giving me permission to use any part of your post, including pictures to feature you and your awesomeness (with credit given to you and linking back to your blog).
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  • The link party will be open until May 7th, 2012.
Thanks for linking up!


Taking it Outside - Covered Porch Reveal

Hey friends,

First of all, thank you for all of the great comments and feedback on my questions about hardwood floors.  You all have definitely given me a lot to think about!  I have heard and read about how dark hardwoods can be a maintenance nightmare, so I'm definitely taking that to heart. 

I was all ready to talk to the "Flooring Guy" who was scheduled to come to measure on Wednesday night, but alas, I was stood up.  Can you believe it?  Not happy about that, given that our schedules are only getting even more hectic now that baseball season is kicking into high gear.  But, I'll reschedule.

So, I figured I would take it outside and refocus on some of the happenings in our outdoor spaces.  We have people scheduled to start work on the yard this week (rain, rain, go away!), and I'm really excited to get things moving.  I swear, our only saving grace is that our house sits pretty far back from the road, so people driving by can't actually see what a mess it all really is.

But there is progress to report on the covered porch in the back of the house!   It's not done, but it's a big improvement and is a space that we're actually using now. 

I gave you a sneak peek at the furniture last week, but here it is - all assembled and arranged.   We scored a great deal, buying this furniture from Joss & Main - the furniture brand is Crosley.  

(I feel like this is a 'Where's Waldo' picture, as my dog seems to be a bit of a diva, sneaking in to my photos.  Maybe a divo, since he's a boy.  Can you see his paws peeking out from the sofa?)

I also want to add some outdoor drapes, and am working on those.  And yes, that is the potting bench you see back there.  The layers of paint seem to be very happy where they are, so I'm planning on embracing it's chippy goodness.  But it's still not done.  Pretend you don't see it.
I couldn't resist these throw pillows from the Frontgate Outlet.  I tried.  I really did.  I even picked up some other pillows in an effort to talk myself out of them.   They were marked down more than 50%, and were still too much for outdoor throw pillows, but I bought them because I really love the look, (and I knew I would regret not getting them).

They're just pretty, you know?
We still need to get some more side tables or something along those lines.  I'm thinking maybe a couple of garden stools would be perfect between the two sets of chairs.

It feels like a tree house in this space, and I love sitting out here on weekend mornings with a magazine (or my iPad, catching up on my blog reading) with a cup of coffee. 

One more - a before and after shot for you (before we moved in):
 And as it stands now:
Are you feeling the urge to work on your outdoor spaces now that Spring is here?

UPDATE:  Here is the porch all ready to go for a summer party.  You gotta love summer.

And what's not to love with the mason jars - perfect for drinks and decorating.

Just a reminder, the next Room Evolution Party is on Monday, April 30th!  I will be sharing some features from last month's link up, and look forward to seeing what you have to share!

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Thrifty Decor Chick


How do you feel about your hardwoods?

Hello friends!

One of the projects on my 2012 house plans list is getting hardwood floors in our great room, and I'm excited to report that someone is coming out to measure this Wednesday.  Given my OCD mentality on projects like this, I feel the need to browse the web and pin like a madwoman do extensive research before making such a permanent decision.  Not only do I have to make a decision about the kind of hardwood floors I want, but there is also the issue of how to deal with multiple floor surfaces in the space as a whole. 

Let me explain.  When you walk in our front door, you're greeted with some wonderful travertine tile.  Even though I typically prefer hardwood to tile in general, I love this tile.  Why?  Because the dirt is hidden better than someone in the Witness Protection Program.  And with three kids and a dog, it's a mom's best friend.

However, as you can see, the "line" between the tile and the carpet is right at the entry, and even though I know it would look beautiful if the whole space was done in hardwood, it's not gonna happen.  The tile carries through the dining room, kitchen, breakfast room, powder room and laundry room.  So, given that 1) it's a nice, high quality tile, and 2) I like it - tearing it out just seems wrong on a lot of levels.  Not to mention that I'm guessing it would cost a small fortune to do so.

Then we have Problem Surface #2.  My husband's office has hardwood floors already, however, they're not what I'm looking to add to the great room.  They're narrow planks, and the sheen on the floor is too shiny and shows every little smudge.  I'm envisioning wide plank floors in a darker stain with a satin finish. 

Here are the (prefinished) samples I'm currently looking at:
I really like the second one from the left.  It's a really rich looking color, without being too terribly dark.   Like I said, we want wider planks, but you get the idea.

Here it is next to the breakfast bar in my kitchen (where the tile continues).  So hard to envision it and make decisions with such itty bitty samples.

And then there's the proximity issue:
Yes, the hardwoods bump up against the carpet that we're replacing, and I'm picturing mismatched floors in my mind already, and how it would drive. me. crazy.
Having one area of (justfied) mismatched flooring is one thing, but two?  It's giving me a smidge of anxiety.

Especially when I look to my inspiration photos with expansive and contiguous hardwood floors...
Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

Has anyone else had this issue?  This doesn't even address all of the options out there in terms of choices in hardwoods.  Right now I'm debating prefinished solid hardwoods or staining them on site.  I just don't know if I could deal with all of the issues, mess and inconvenience involved in getting them stained on site.  Although if I had them stained on site, I could potentially sand down and refinish the office floors to more closely match the new floors.

I'm thinking I may just have to get an estimate for replacing the office floors as well, just in case.

Would love to hear your experience and expertise on this matter.  How do you feel about your hardwoods?


Slipcovers: Arhaus vs. Ballard

I have blogged about the Ballard Outlet before, and went there this past weekend to see if they had anything good.  I discovered a whole section of shelves that had slipcovers that work on my Arhaus Baldwin sofa and chair.  Better yet, these already-marked-down slipcovers were an additional 50% off.

Which means I got two slipcovers for my Baldwin chair for... (wait for it)... $75.  Total

Say what? 

Which also means that my chair looks much better.  And, it's better equipped to deal with the boys who wear the crap out of it in the basement.  (And I have a backup slipcover in a lovely camel color with white piping).

Dark Brown Furniture = Dirty Boy Friendly

I've said it before, and I'll say it again.  The Baldwin slipcovers from Ballard fit the Baldwin furniture from Arhaus.  I don't know if Ballard and/or Arhaus will ever acknowledge this, but I am.  (Actually, when I bought our sofa from Arhaus, it was called "Wake Ivory" vs. "Baldwin".  You'd think Arhaus would be a little less obvious about it with the name change.)  You can see the slipcover I bought from the Ballard Outlet for my sofa here.

So, instead of paying a bajillion dollars for a new, custom Arhaus slipcover, pick up one or two or seven at the outlet for crazy cheap.  (Heck, even ordering a replacement slipcover from the Ballard catalog is cheaper).  Not that I don't love Arhaus.  I do.  But I also love deals. 

Have you found any deals worth shouting about lately?

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In Honor of the Boston Marathon - A Tribute to Runners (Rugs that is)

You may not know this, but today is the Boston Marathon.  I don't anticipate qualifying for this prestigious race ever anytime soon, but who knows - slow may become the new fast.  (To put some perspective on how fast these runners are, the winners of most marathons finish in just over two hours.  My fastest half marathon time is just under two hours.  So, they literally run twice as fast as I do.  On a good day.)  I figured I could pay tribute to the runners of today's Boston Marathon by featuring what else?  Runners!  Rugs, of course.

First off, I scored a great runner for my hallway leading into my house from the garage.  While I *love* the rug that was there before, it just doesn't match now that I've painted the walls.  Enter

If it's ringing a bell with you, it might be due to the fact that it is strikingly similar to what was in there before.  Shall I refresh your memory?
Similar, yes?  Turns out, while I bought this rug at the Ballard Designs Outlet, it's actually a Safavieh rug, just like the one I bought on Overstock.   I didn't even realize it until I pulled it up to put the new one in.
I really love the new rug, and the colors are perfect for the new paint job.  Runners in general are just a fun way to add some life into a space.  Wouldn't you agree?

Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

This kitchen runner is fantastic.

Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

I can't even imagine having a storage space that would warrant a runner like this one does.
Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

What a fun punch of color in this kitchen!
Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

Happy Monday!

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Easter Detox, Clogged Sinks and Outdoor Furniture

How's that for a crazy blog post title?

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend.  I'm currently detoxing from all of the delicious Reese Eggs, jelly beans and M&M's meals, and in my zest to "eat clean", I went to the grocery today and loaded up on good (for you) foods.  I also detoxed cleaned out my fridge, putting my garbage disposal to work.  And in my haste, I managed to clog our kitchen sink.  As in my double kitchen sink.  Clogged both sides.  Don't ask me how I did it - a magician never reveals her secrets you know.

I should have just stuck to junk food.  See where "eating clean" gets me?  It gets me a digusting mess is what it gets me...

But, on a decorating note, I came home from the grocery store to this:

That would be the outdoor furniture we bought ala Joss & Main.  And after an hour+ of toiling away (by my husband, in between trying to unclog the sink), we have this:

Only three more chairs and a loveseat to assemble.  It's a good thing he's off work for the next few days since the kids are on Spring Break.  He's going to be a busy bee. ;-)