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Features & A March Room Evolution Party!

Hello Friends!

It's that time of the month again (well, not that time of the month, but you know what I mean) - it's the March Room Evolution Party! 

I love seeing all of your projects, and before we get the party started, let's do a recap with some features.

Look at this adorable room that Andrea at Oak Ridge Revival created for her daughter.  You'll never believe where this space began, and the attached bathroom is the bees knees.

And would you look at this adorable baby girl nursery that Cathy helped her cousin pull together at Room Rx?  Could it be any sweeter?

I must have baby on the brain, because I can't resist sharing this bright and beautiful nursery from Young Nesters.  She included so many wonderful elements!  I love the pom poms hanging from the ceiling, and the framed map pages are fantastic!

Check out this divine boy's room from Maple Leaves & Sycamore Trees.  Holy Toledo my friends - the ceiling is off the hook!  Not to mention all of the thoughtful touches she added - talk about character!

Speaking of ceilings, get a load of this beauty at Calypso In The Country.  A-mazing.  I love beadboard to begin with, but put it on the ceiling?  You had me at hello.

Thanks again for linking up - looking forward to seeing what you have in store!  While you're at it - stop on by Lisa's blog at Shine Your Light, for her Before and After Party!

The Rules:
  • Grab a button off my sidebar or link back so that others can join the fun.
  • Two links per person (because I don't want you to run out of rooms to share!)
  • By entering your link, you are giving me permission to use any part of your post, including pictures to feature you and your awesomeness (with credit given to you and linking back to your blog)
  • Please post the permalink (the link to your post), not the general link to your blog.
  • The link party will be open until April 6th, 2012.


Wanted: One Outdoor Oasis

Hello friends,

I have been in the middle of an Appliance Apocalypse here, so bear with me.  After six long weeks, we finally got a new dishwasher, so the dry dishes in my sink no longer resemble a house of cards.  But immediately after that, our air conditioning went on the blink, resulting in the financial equivalent of another new dishwasher to repair it.  And on top of that, my washing machine decided to join in on the fun. 

Thankfully, my repair skills seem to have solved the washing machine problem.  Apparently, unplugging my washing machine essentially wiped its memory clean of all technical problems. :-)

With the onslaught of warm weather, my mind is turning to outdoor projects, and in our case, there are many.  The yard was overgrown when we bought the house a little over a year ago, so we've avoided it long enough.  This year we're going to try and whip it into some sort of shape so that we can maintain it vs. always trying to keep up with it, if that makes sense.

Let me illustrate.  Ordinarily, I love anything tufted.  Except when it's my lawn.  And yes, we do have a lawn service.  Actually, we just canceled our service and hired a new one.  For obvious reasons...

What makes it worse, is when you look next door and see a lawn like this:

And then we have the mulch beds.  Truly.  Embarrassing.  I want to put a sign out in the yard that says, "This house isn't abandoned and we do care about our home.  The lawn is a work in progress.  Thank you for your patience, and please don't report us to the Homeowners Association."  I sprayed all of the weeds with Roundup, and I'm getting quotes from landscapers for a serious spring clean up. 

On the positive side, this scraggly lawn does provide me with these, so it's not all bad.

So, while I'm waiting to get my lawn whipped into shape, I'm dreaming of lovely outdoor spaces.  For things like outdoor dinner parties and warm summer get togethers.

Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

So, are you getting your lawn ready for Spring?  Is it looking good already or is it in need of some TLC?


Fantasy Front Doors

I don't remember how the subject came up, but somehow the idea of staining our double front doors in a deep, rich, warm tone is now on my project radar.  I love beautifully done double front doors.  Or just beautiful front doors for that matter.  Like these...

Love the glass on these beauties - although I don't think I'm a tidy enough housekeeper to pull it off.  (I need to be able to shove stuff in a drawer at the very last minute)

And the charm is just everywhere you look with these cheery red doors.  And is that a cute little mailbox I spy on the right?
Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

And this dynamic duo - all decked out for the holidays - welcoming guests inside.  Yes, please.



And look at the matching screen doors on these beauties?

Source: via Jenny on Pinterest
Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

Isn't this entry just dreamy in every way imaginable?
Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

And even though this is a single door entry, I love the lantern and the detail on the transom.  Not to mention the glass on the door itself.
Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

And would you look at the curves on these beauties?  If doors could be bootylicious, these would definitely hit the mark.  Stunning!
Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

So, as a refresher, here is a photo of my front doors (from Christmas)...
Can you see where I'm going with this?


An Artful Alternative to Framing - A Tutorial

I hope you all are enjoying the gorgeous weather that is sweeping the country - I know I am!  As much as I hate to lose that hour to Daylight Savings Time, I am loving the extra sunlight at the end of the day.  Although I'm thinking that we should all spring forward around 3:00 pm on Monday morning vs. over the weekend.  I don't think that I would miss that hour quite so much if we did it that way. ;-)

So, I had shown you my updated Jack and Jill bathroom and my addition of some fun artwork - now it's time to show you how I did it.  First a recap of the finished product:

I don't know what it is that makes framing so spendy, but it's the main reason (procrastination aside) that I have several prints that are floating around my house unframed.  You would think that I would have learned by now to just spend the extra money and purchase framed prints.  But alas, no - I'm a slow learner.

So, as a framing alternative, I took a leap of faith and decided to Mod Podge this sweet print to a piece of wood (or in my case, MDF, since that's what I had on hand).  I didn't feel like I was settling for second best, as I love this look.

I started out with a piece of MDF that I cut to size - just a bit smaller than the overall dimensions of the print, since I wanted it to wrap around the sides of the wood.  (But, after doing this project, you could most certainly cut the wood a bit bigger than the print and save the headache of messing with the wrapping.) 

Then I spray painted the edges with navy blue paint that I had, to camouflage the wood so it would blend with the print.
From here, I applied the Mod Podge on to the wood:
Then I placed the print over the top, and smoothed it out.  If anyone has any tips on bubble avoidance in this process, I'm all ears - it's tricky.
From here, I Mod Podged the print, and tried not to panic - 2-3 coats, allowing dry time in between each coat.
After the Mod Podge dried, I tackled wrapping the sides, since it was getting too messy when I tried to do it all at once.  This is where I'm saying that you might want to consider the option of cutting the wood larger than the print.  I resorted to hot gluing the edges for the wrapped effect I was looking for.
And really, it's fine - no one is any the wiser, right?
To hang it, I used this:
 I drilled a little pilot hole to screw in the eye hooks...
 And then threaded and secured the picture wire:

And that's it!  A framing alternative for those of us who would rather spend our money on pedicures or strappy spring sandals.  Or both, if you're like me and your feet need to be de-winterized.  (I can only hope that the Korean gentleman who did my pedi wasn't gossiping in his native language about my feet to the other employees in the shop.  Am I the only one who has this paranoia?)
Anyway - I hope you find this tutorial helpful.  Really, the possibilities are endless here - you could use family photos, pages from books, postcards, etc...

Enjoy your day!  My daffodils are blooming and I'm excited at the prospect of fresh cut flowers at my desk - it's the little things, isn't it?

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Spring Made Simple

So, I visited the Pottery Barn Outlet this weekend.  I hadn't been there in ages, and oh. my. goodness.  I was like a kid in a candy store (except my 6 year-old was with me, and it didn't have the same candy store effect on her.  It was more of the whiney-kid-in-a-furniture-store effect).

But, I did get a great idea for a fun Spring vignette:

That sneaky Pottery Barn and all of their beautifully staged rooms and inspiring vignettes.  Here is the Pottery Barn purchase that got it all going...
I already had the apothecary jar and moss on hand, making this a $10 project. 

Even the moss was on the cheap - 99 cents from Goodwill.

Simply add the moss and make your pretty little bird's nest on top of it - does it get any easier than that?

Hello Spring - we welcome you!

I need to go back to Pottery Barn Outlet when I have no pint sized companions and a wallet full o'cash...

Exhibits A through F:

I rest my case.

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