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A Unique Gift Idea


How are you?  Have you finished your Christmas shopping with Christmas just two weeks away?  I have gotten a pretty good start on things, but need to do an inventory so that I can figure out what I have left to do.  No matter what, I'm always hustling around at the last moment for SOMETHING, despite my best efforts.

However, I wanted to share some fun and creative gifts that I've stumbled upon this year.  Things that are unique and different - perfect for someone who doesn't "need" anything, you know?

One thing I love finding and giving is handmade gifts - even if I didn't handmake them. :-)  Exhibit A - I could never pull this off, but the idea is SPECTACULAR!  Handmade mittens from 100% recycled wool sweaters.  Love.

I loved them so much, I picked up a second pair for myself.  The wool has been felted, and they're lined too.  Super warm and super cute.

The button sealed the deal for me.  Better yet, I purchased these from a small business at our local Christmas festival.  They were $25 each or two for $45, made by All About You - 513-217-5678 (sorry, all I have is a phone number).

Now that it's getting cold here, I'm going to put these lovelies to work!

Have you scored any unique Christmas gifts this year?  Stay tuned for a new giveaway I know you'll love!


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  2. Those mittens look so warm and cozy, Jenny. What a nice gift to give (to yourself too I hope!) Hope the Christmas shopping is coming along….like you, I need to inventory what I have already and then attack! But not this weekend….there will be no mall shopping for me over the weekends - that could make anyone a scrooge.
    Happy weekend!

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