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How Does Your (Tomato) Garden Grow?


I mentioned earlier this summer that I carved out some space for a garden, and I am always thrilled to see those little seeds and plants grow and produce wonderfully delicious veggies. Ripe, freshly picked, warmed by the sun tomatoes are one of summer’s simple pleasures.

My little patch of garden goodness is growing up!  So you can imagine my giddiness at my first pickings.

My grape tomatoes are growing like gang busters.

Although one of my plants is looking a little sad, and I'm not sure why.  One year my garden at our old house suffered from tomato blight, which was just awful - my plants literally went from perky to pathetic overnight.  This isn't the same thing, but I'm scratching my head as to why it's happening.
But, here is proof that I don't have a complete black thumb.  Spontaneous basil growing in my garden.  I thought it was a weed at first, and when I pulled it up, I was pleasantly surprised.  Magic, because I didn't plant it!

My cucumbers are taking off too.  I'm hoping to tame them with my trellis.  Pay no mind to the rigged up tape to hold it together.  The wind storm that came through a few weeks ago knocked it over and decapitated my pepper plants in the process.
 And my zucchini is starting to pop as well.  Can't wait to make some zucchini bread with these lovelies!
But again, not sure why my leaves are looking spotty all of a sudden.  Despite my basil good fortune, these leaves have me a wee bit worried.
So now that the veggies are coming in - you have to have recipes, right?

Is there anything more delicious than fresh garden tomatoes, basil and mozzarella?  Add some balsamic vinegar, and it's a little slice of heaven!

Here's a link to some yummy looking tomato recipes.  Yes, some more twists on tomatoes, basil and mozzarella, but lots of others too, like tomato tartlets and baked parmesan tomatoes. 

Yes, please.

So, are your gardens growing?  Any favorite recipes to share?  I have more recipes, but will have to wait until my crop yields more veggies first.


  1. That's awesome! I would love to have a veggie garden, but I dont have any sun in the backyard. :-(

  2. I am so inspired by your garden, Jenny! How do you keep the critters away or do they not even bother with the veggies? I can't believe all your grape tomatoes….I want to grow those!!

  3. Don't worry about your zucchini...that is only a bit of powdery mildew and you can halt it spreading to other plants by avoiding overhead watering. It can be prevalent in squash plants when nights are cool and days are warm if the leaves are wet. Your plants should continue to thrive and produce lovely squash for you.

  4. This is my first year with a productive garden! I have been making salsa from all my tomatoes. I just love it on everything. One of my tomatoes looked like yours too. I found out it was tomato hornworm. At first I used organic pesticides then had to pull out the big guns seven dust. They are still producing for now. Good luck with yours.


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