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A Dining Room Do Over

Hello friends!

I have been a busy bee here since I think I'm the only blogger who didn't go to Haven.   I recently posted about my drapery panel dilemma, and after reading all of your feedback, I have made changes and I thank you for that!  Some of you mentioned that I should keep the blue in the banded draperies, and you were right.

I decided the paint color (although I love it), was part of the issue.  I wanted to do the banded drapes, but wasn't loving the look of the blue fabric against the Horizon Gray.  

Who knew there were so many neutrals?  

I went neutral, and opted for a color called Natural Choice (Sherwin Williams).  Ironic, since it took me so long to decide on a color - definitely not a "Natural Choice". ;-)  Does it say something about me when it takes longer to choose a color than it does to paint the actual room?
I'm thinking this will be a better backdrop for the color I want in the drapery panels.   I swear, this is a different color than what was in there before.  It felt weird painting over the darker color with the light, creamy color, since usually my paint color changes are more dramatic.

Here is the before:
Here it is now:
I need to just accept that with the light that filters into this space, the room is really a chameleon, and the wall color is going to change throughout the day.  I mean, look at the corner of the room here - the walls look like I painted them two different colors.

The other change that I'm making is with the drapery panels.  I know my strengths, and I know my weaknesses.  I'm good at painting.  Sewing?  Not so much.  So, I'm investing some Etsy help to get the job done.

Enter Avec Dieu Couture and her sewing awesomeness.  Not to mention a color palette that is right up my alley! 
(She even has a great ivory color that I'm looking at for my panels).  I'm thinking ivory, turquoise and chocolate for my dining room.

So, there you have it.  That's where I'm at with the dining room at the moment.  Thank you so much for your great feedback - I think I'm headed in the right direction now.  What do you think?

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  1. Jenny, the room looks great and I love the rug in there! I also just bought some curtains off of Etsy and was very happy with them...I am not skilled at sewing either! Oh, and you were not the only one who couldn't go to Haven...maybe next year!

  2. I am a neutral gal, but have a secret love affair with color. Great choices on the drapery colors. Looking forward to seeing what you get.

  3. Ooooh I'm excited for this progress! I love the colors for the panels, and your new wall color!!! Those light colors really offset the warmer wood tones and work so well together. I want this room in my house, Jenny! PS I didn't go to Haven either after all -- hopefully we can both go next time :)

  4. I love this new color! Looks like it has less green in it. This little change should make a huge difference!

  5. I love it! I used natural choice in our entry and hall and I love it. It's light, yet warm. And I like how I can play with colors in fabrics without worrying if it will work with the wall color. I'm thinking about using it in my den so I can bring in some really funky fabric.

  6. Love it! I think it's going to look amazing!

  7. Jenny I love your room, so inviting! The paint is a subtle difference but one I really like. I was not @ Haven either.....what else do we do but projects, haha!

  8. Wow...that room is beautiful no matter what color you paint it! I can't wait to see the rest. :-)

  9. The paint is such a small change but made a drastic difference, I love it!!! Now you need to help me pick out paint for my bathroom :) I wasn't at haven either and I didn't get anything done. blah.

  10. Love the new color! I'm a huge fan of neutrals on the wall. Can't wait to see your drapes. You mind sharing a link to the etsy shop?

  11. Your dining room is gorgeous and can't wait to see the panels. Never thought of going through etsy to get some made.


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