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Slipcovers: Arhaus vs. Ballard

I have blogged about the Ballard Outlet before, and went there this past weekend to see if they had anything good.  I discovered a whole section of shelves that had slipcovers that work on my Arhaus Baldwin sofa and chair.  Better yet, these already-marked-down slipcovers were an additional 50% off.

Which means I got two slipcovers for my Baldwin chair for... (wait for it)... $75.  Total

Say what? 

Which also means that my chair looks much better.  And, it's better equipped to deal with the boys who wear the crap out of it in the basement.  (And I have a backup slipcover in a lovely camel color with white piping).

Dark Brown Furniture = Dirty Boy Friendly

I've said it before, and I'll say it again.  The Baldwin slipcovers from Ballard fit the Baldwin furniture from Arhaus.  I don't know if Ballard and/or Arhaus will ever acknowledge this, but I am.  (Actually, when I bought our sofa from Arhaus, it was called "Wake Ivory" vs. "Baldwin".  You'd think Arhaus would be a little less obvious about it with the name change.)  You can see the slipcover I bought from the Ballard Outlet for my sofa here.

So, instead of paying a bajillion dollars for a new, custom Arhaus slipcover, pick up one or two or seven at the outlet for crazy cheap.  (Heck, even ordering a replacement slipcover from the Ballard catalog is cheaper).  Not that I don't love Arhaus.  I do.  But I also love deals. 

Have you found any deals worth shouting about lately?

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  1. Holy moly!! That is a crazy steal for a new look for your chair!! What a find. I need to come visit you and go to the Ballards outlet!

  2. What a great deal! And you are right, the cover does fit perfectly - Great Find!

    So jealous we don't have a Ballard Outlet nearby... I totally have outlet envy :)


  3. Wow, who knew. So glad you found them and on sale! Doesn't get much better than that. I am headed up that way today. Guess I'll have to stop in now!

  4. I love the Ballard Outlet. it could be one of my favorite places in the world. That's a crazy good deal. I made my own slipcover last year and it cost $50. Believe me, it would have been worth every penny of another $25 to buy it.

  5. Wow! What a steal! Your chair looks fresh and beautiful to boot!

  6. What a great deal! I wish we had a Ballard Outlet close to us! Your chair looks great, and I totally know how you feel with regard to the dirty boy proof decorating!


  7. Hi! It was hard not saying anything yesterday when I was here, but I want to let you know that I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Congratulations! If you choose to accept, you can visit my blog for the details.

    Have a great weekend,
    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  8. What an awesome find! Wish I had an outlet nearby :)


  9. Awesome discovery!!!Where is the Ballard outlet? I'm in Ohio too. I'd love to check it out. I have Arhaus furniture and go to the Arhaus outlet. if I'm really lucky I'll find a slipcover.
    It isn't something they have all the time...but when they do ...a sofa cost $99.

    1. The Ballard Outlet is in West Chester, OH. Where oh where is the Arhaus Outlet?? That's one I need to see for myself! A day trip is in order!

  10. Just made my day. I ordered the Baldwin sofa from Arhaus (I too have three little guys), but now I'm wondering if I should have just ordered the sofa too from Ballard! Oh well, at least I know where I can get replacement slipcovers.

  11. You are brilliant! I have the Wake Ivory (now Baldwin) sofa and chair and my slipcovers have had their butts kicked. (Cats, dog, sun from the skylights above, and of course my darling daughters.) I called Arhaus a few years ago to get new covers and they cost almost as much as the sofa and chair did originally. I'd just been shopping around to get custom ones made, but that was going to end up around $1000 for fabric and labor. So, if I can get them from Ballard for under $600 total, that is sounding pretty great. Wish I had an outlet close by, though!

  12. Just found your blog and I live!! I previously worked for Arhaus and I can tell you with 100% accuracy the Baldwin sofa from ArhUs is the exac same as Ballards slip covers from Ballards will work perfectly!! Arhaus never told its employees the sofas were the same, however while employed at Arhaus I purchased 2 Baldwin 2 seat sofas as well as the chair and a half well months later when Ii was switching out the slip covers I saw the tags were clearly different one marked Ballard the other Arhaus I called Arhaus customer service and they had to fess up otherwise they would have had to ship me another sofa and they were not going to do that

  13. Sorry for the typos ; ))

  14. So glad I found your blog! I was looking for slipcovers for a newly purchased chair and sofa from Arhaus outlet (they came without slipcovers) I found a Ballard outlet nearby (never knew one was so close!) headed down and was able to get slipcovers for chair and sofa for less than $100! Thank you for saving me so much money!
    I mentioned you in my post today on my blog where I shared our family room redo!
    Thanks and Happy New year!!

  15. i lucked out last summer
    and found the Baldwin sofa
    on CL for $25

    it's in great condition
    and just needs updating
    with a new slipcover

    i'm about 6 hours
    from the nearest Ballard outlet
    which stinks!

    so now i'm just waiting
    for a a good sale to pop up
    on Ballard

    yeah for your good deal!


  16. Just a question......I have an Arhaus Baldwin oversized chair. I read about the Ballard slipcovers fitting the Arhaus chair, so I went to the Ballard website. When (using their specs for slipcover) I measured my chair, it didn't match the measurements of the Ballard slipcover. So I called them and asked about that. The woman told me that the slipcovers were for THEIR Baldwin chair, not Arhaus' chair. Any advice? I'm afraid to order from Ballard if it's not going to fit.......

    1. I know that Ballard stands by their slipcovers fitting only their chairs, but I can tell you that the one I bought does indeed fit my Arhaus Baldwin chair!

  17. Thanks, Jenny......I may go for it!

  18. The Ballard slipcover fits. However, once you wash can't get it back on. I've gone through 2 of the Ballard slipcovers...I am going back to Arhaus slipcover, unfortunately. You just cannot wash the Ballard (no matter what you do - wash cold - hang dry) it still shrinks!!

  19. The Ballard slipcover fits. However, once you wash can't get it back on. I've gone through 2 of the Ballard slipcovers...I am going back to Arhaus slipcover, unfortunately. You just cannot wash the Ballard (no matter what you do - wash cold - hang dry) it still shrinks!!


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