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What Colors Inspire You?

I'm linking up to the handmade home today, as Ashley posed a fun question about color in your home.  What is your latest obsession or inspiration when it comes to color?  I'm in the process of putting my personal stamp on our still-new-to-us home, so here we go... 

I have fallen in love with different shades of blue lately, and that is what I have been incorporating in my home.  There is the family room which I painted in Benjamin Moore's Palladian Blue:

And how can you not be inspired by something even as simple as this?
We have a goal/plan to paint our kitchen cabinets, and this is a glimpse at the color palette we are planning to use.  Since the space is so open, we want the rooms to flow together.

I got a taste of some of the color we're going to use in the kitchen, when I painted this nook in Benjamin Moore's Mountain Laurel:

A before/after view of the nook too in case you're interested:

In our master bedroom, it's a soothing grayish-blue, called Mineral Deposit by Sherwin Williams, and I. love. it.  I swear, my blood pressure drops when I walk into this room.

In my office space, my starting point was fabric.

I painted this room Muslin by Sherwin Williams, and it continues to evolve and has been a project that I have been working on lately.  Hope to have more to share soon...

And then there is my powder room redo - going from dark wallpaper to a fresh look with the help of Benjamin Moore's Bird's Egg and a fun stencil.

There is so much inspiration in the world of color these days it can make my head spin!  I have also been loving the color combination of aqua and coral.  Isn't it just lovely?

Or other lovelies like these:

Or even a palette you wouldn't have thought of on your own:

Seeing pictures like this causes me to rethink some of my rooms - wanting to inject some of these colors into my own home!

What colors inspire you?


What a Hoot

For those of you who may be living under a rock, you might have missed how popular owls have become lately, in both party themes and home decor.  Super cute and fun, and I have been loving all of the different styles and looks that are out there.  Ideas abound.

Nice modern owls like these...

Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

And these...

Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

These fluffy guys just look plain happy, don't they?

Super cute party cookies...

I want to bring one of these into the office and drink coffee out of it at a staff meeting...
Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

So, how could I resist this little fellow I found (for $3) at Goodwill?

 A few coats of glossy white spray paint, and he's looking sharp, don't you think?
And if you don't like his new look, I don't think he gives a hoot. ;-)

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Hot Pink

Since I almost burst into flames when I set foot outside, I figured a tribute to hot pink is in order.  It's summery, it's fresh, it's hot, but not HAWT, you know? 

Stay cool out there!


There's No Place Like Home

Well, I'm officially back home after a family vacation in Orlando - which translates to Disney, Sea World, Aquatica (cool water park near Sea World) and Universal Studios.  Oh, and don't forget the HEAT.  Basically, complete and utter exhaustion.  Suffice to say the words "family" and "vacation" do not co-mingle in reference to this trip.  But, it was all worth it, and I'm sure the memories of exhaustion will fade when I look at pictures like these:

Kate was speechless in meeting all of the Disney princesses.  Given how much she talks on a non-stop basis, this was monumental.  Ariel was particularly cute.  She asked Kate, "Did Ursula the Sea Witch steal your voice too?"

Feeding the dolphins was the highlight of the trip for my boys.  I have to admit, it was way cool.  I think I loved it every bit as much as they did.  Dolphins are just plain cool creatures.

And in the picture below, Kate's face is painted in case you're wondering.  She didn't do a DIY make-up thing...

This is probably my favorite picture.  Zonked out from a day of magic.
We are all glad to be back home again.  Many memories were made, but there is no place like home.

I am working on a long overdue project though.  Remember that game - "What doesn't belong in this picture?"  If you guessed "Yellowish Trunk", you're a winner!

Stay tuned friends...


Lamps - They Light Up My Life

One place where you can really get a big bang for your buck is by picking up lamps with potential at yard sales or Goodwill.  I have found some real goodies this way, and have added another lovely lady to my home.  If you can get past much of the raw ugliness and look at the shape, you're in business.

A good example is my fun pink office lamp that I scored at Goodwill and blogged about here.

Then there was this handsome devil that ended up in my son's room.  He started out brassy, but you'd never know by how he looks now.  You can read about his transformation here.

I picked up this new lovely at Goodwill also, and I did pay more than I would have liked - about $15.  This Goodwill store seems to think they're an antique dealer or something, because 1) their stuff is overpriced in general and 2) they have A LOT of inventory as a result.

I didn't buy it the first time I went in, but I found myself thinking, "I should have bought that lamp", so I picked it up the next time I was in the area.  It was still there since it was totally overpriced and no one else was dorky enough to obsess about it.

Here is how she began:

Another brassy babe, but I loved the trophy shape and the loop detail on the sides.  And with a little spray paint and a new shade, this is what you get:
Lamps can be crazy expensive, so why not look past the ugly and give a lamp a chance?  Are you a lamp lover too?

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