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Family Room Painted with a Side of Painter's Remorse

So, for awhile now, I've been talking about getting my family room painted, and even met with a designer who has helped me with colors in the past - Carla - to try and nail down color choices that will flow with our open floor plan.  We put together the beginnings of a color palette for the main floor anyway.  I had big paint swatches on the walls and everything.  With the help of Carla, I am stepping out of my comfort zone.  

You all know that patience isn't one of my virtues, right?  Well, suffice to say, I went a bit off the reservation.  

It all started with the niche around my pantry.  We chose Benjamin Moore's Mountain Laurel and I. love. it.  It's so rich and striking - perfect for this area.  It will be going in my kitchen as well and I think it will look fabulous when we paint the cabinets.  

I did an artwork change and hung the prints and frames I scored at Ikea.  I thought with such a deep color that I should try to lighten up the artwork a bit.

I also painted my breakfast nook and used Benjamin Moore's Palladian Blue  My original intent was to start small, and I figured it would be a good place to "test" the paint colors to see if I liked them.  And I did. 

Once again, dark nighttime before pictures.  The nighttime painting addiction continues to flourish.
Much better, yes?  So, since we liked it so much in the breakfast room, we continued it into the great room (according to plan).  In some lights, I love it.  In other lights, not so much.  Have you ever had painter's remorse? 

I emailed Carla and told her my concerns.  She's helping to put my mind at ease:

"When you consider the overall color, I think you will enjoy it when you see it with your new sofa. This color won’t fight with anything and it is a NATURAL blue, so it will become a background over time and read as more of a neutral landscape color. It is dramatic to you now because your brain is reading the dramatic change. It has so much more light reflecting value, hard not to focus on the blue – but the blue is so clarified, I think it is calming myself."
I am liking it more and more as the days go by.  It truly does change with the light, and one wall can look completely different from another.  Here is a peek at the family room (try to ignore the painter's tape - I'm still working).  But, you get the gist.  The entertainment center area will be painted, as will the ceiling - I think I'm hiring out that job!

A reminder of where we started:
I'm really looking forward to getting the sectional so that the room will fall together a bit more.  Soon.  Again, patience is not a virtue of mine.

So, have you ever had painter's remorse?  Did the color grow on you, or did you repaint?



Powder Room Reveal II

Hope you all had a great Easter holiday!  I know I got my fill of Easter candy, and am fairly certain my insides are now all made of peanut butter.  But Easter comes but once a year, right?

The powder room is about as done as it's going to be for the moment.  The big parts anyway.  I showed you the before and after and the yummy stencil last week, which you can read about here.  I was on the hunt for a mirror (at a discount), and came up empty handed.  So, I got an idea on how to utilize what I already had, found some trusty spray paint in Brushed Nickel, and am quite happy with the result.  

But, don't take my word for it.  Judge for yourself.

You can even see the pretty stencil in the mirror. :-)

And here is the whole look put together.  My husband We even installed a new light fixture and got rid of the "geometric lightmare" that was there before.
It's a halogen fixture, and gives off great light (but certainly makes the space a bit more difficult to photograph).  

Now the only thing I'm struggling with are the finishes.  The light fixture is chrome, but the faucet and newly redone mirror are brushed nickel.  I actually bought a brushed nickel towel holder, but am holding off on installing it for the moment.  But then, in the old bathroom, they had  a hodge podge of finishes, so I'm not going to stress about it for the moment.  

This room has come a long way baby.

Remember this?

To this:
And we can't forget this view...
To this:
(Sorry for the variations in the paint color - I think part of it is because of the change in the light fixture, and the time of day, but the color reads differently in this last shot).

Thanks for stopping by - have a great day!

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Powder Room Reveal!

I know it's been a LONG time coming, but this project took on a life of its own!  I thought I had made good progress in taking the wallpaper down, but I underestimated the power of the paste.  Oh. my. goodness.  I started painting, and discovered all sorts of little pieces of paste that I missed, and it made for a big, stinking, mess.

More on that later.  For now, let's revel in the after, shall we?  The color is "Bird's Egg" by Benjamin Moore.

I think to fully appreciate the after, we need to revisit the before:

Now let's go back to the after again...  I added this print that we've had and haven't hung since we moved into the new house.  The colors fit perfectly in the bathroom.
Here is a shot of the stencil.   I thought about stenciling the whole bathroom, but thought it might be a bit too much, so I opted for the main wall.  What do you think? 

I had been looking and looking for a stencil, and stumbled upon this one in a crazy way.  I was Googling rooms that were painted in Benjamin Moore's Palladium Blue (a color we're considering for our family room), and lo and behold, I found this ala the decorologist.  Totally by accident - gotta love that.
It's actually from This Old House - the link with the stencil download and instructions is here.  (NOTE: If you decide to do this stencil, save yourself some time and don't torture yourself with the instructions on how to cut the larger stencil.  They tell you to fold it into a triangle, but you only fold it into quarters to form a square.  I drove myself half-crazy before I figured this out.  The instructions are a bit confusing.)

I haven't finished the mirror area, which is why I'm not showing it yet.  I went to Hobby Lobby in search of a mirror at 50% off, but alas, found nothing.  So, I decided to rework the mirror that was in there already.  (It's just not ready yet). ;-) 

Soon, I promise. 

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Spring Break Project Extravaganza

Hey all,

I apologize for being out of touch - had a bit of drama around here.  First, my daughter woke up on Friday morning (2 AM) crying that her right chest area was hurting, and was breathing like she couldn't get a full breath.  Long story short, we ended up at Children's Hospital and she was diagnosed with pneumonia.  I'm feeling like the mom who totally missed the boat on this one, but the only symptom she had was a bit of a cough.  That's IT.  No fever, nothing.  But, thankfully she's on anti-biotics and on the mend.

Then my computer followed suit and got a virus.  So, my awesome IT guy at work is completely reloading it for me, but it left me with NO computer.  At least no computer that is MY computer.  For the whole weekend.  Eeek!

I'm off all next week for my kids' spring break, and I have big plans.  So, this whole melodrama really threw me for a loop.  But, I'm getting back on track and am hoping to knock out A LOT of projects.  

I have finally taken down all of the wallpaper in my half bathroom, and have committed to a color!  I'm going with Bird's Egg by Benjamin Moore.

I have even decided upon a stencil for this space, but I'm going to keep that a surprise.  In my excitement to throw paint on the wall, I missed some wallpaper paste and painted over it.  What. a. mess.  To quote my husband, "What happened in the bathroom?"  So, I'm resisting the urge to step away from this project and move on to something else.  I'm pressing forward!

Here are some pics of this color in action:
House Beautiful
Sam Simon via
As I said before, I'm off all week, and have a project list as long as my arm.  Hoping to have lots to blog about when it's all said and done.

Happy Sunday!


The Hitch of the Niche

Having niches in your home seems like a good idea, right?  You envision spaces like this:

Debra Campbell Design traditional living room
Look at the great niche shelving here on the right.  Love the beadboard along the back.

Better yet - having a niche that is actually functional (not to mention beautiful!).
Gilligan traditional kitchen

Shingle style home in Hanover NH traditional home office

Intimate spaces, intimate art traditional bathroom

We have lots of niches in our new home, but they are much trickier to deal with than one would think, and they leave me longing for niches like the ones in the photos above.  Alas, I'm left with these:
Six niches.  Count 'em, SIX!  Some are the long skinny niches that are just a bit-- bear to decorate.  Skinny Niches, I don't like you.  Take the one on the far right - the decorative wrought iron thingy with the candles.  That was there when we bought the house, and I haven't changed it since I didn't know what else to put there.

I do have an idea though.  The niche with the faux scenery - when we get our family room repainted, I would like to paint over it and add some shelving.  Maybe glass shelves, since these niches have lighting.  I don't know for sure yet.  But at least then the niche would be semi-functional, and allow for some display.  I don't know that I would do that for ALL of the niches, but at least it's a start. 

The fireplace niche I'm considering filling in altogether when we redo it with the stone veneer that I blogged about here.  With so many niches, I don't think we'll miss it, do you?  Especially since it's a tall, skinny niche.  Away with you, skinny niche, I won't allow you to leave me feeling inadequate!


My Home Tour

I don't know about you, but I love home tours.  I don't care if they're part of a fancy schmancy tour, or if it's just someone's house that I'm visiting.  Total stranger or not, I. don't. care. 

That said, I have really been enjoying the home tours this week at poppies at play.  If you are nosey like me love home tours, you need to check it out.  But today is the house tour linky party, and I'm going to jump in and participate. 

For anyone new to my blog, (or if you have short-term memory loss like I do), we moved into this house in November 2010, so much of my home is a work in progress.  We have gotten a lot done in four months, but there is still plenty o'projects left.  They keep me awake at night.  Literally.  So, for the most part, I'll stick to the rooms that are tour-worthy.

I don't know that I've ever really done a formal post on the exterior of my home, so let's start there and work our way through, shall we?

One thing I immediately loved about this house was the double-door entry.
When you come in the front door, the stairs to the basement are on your right and the dining room is on your left.
Dining Room as it is now...  The plan is to take down the wallpaper and the swaggy drapes and the chandelier (if I can convince my husband).

This is our great room, which is in the midst of a makeover.  We ordered a sectional, which is going to kick-off a big room redo in here.  
It's been a process, that's for sure.  I even got to the point that I taped out the size of the sectional since I was convinced it would be too big.
But one of the best features in this room is the coffered ceiling.

My Kitchen (pre move-in photos) - The plan for this space is to have the cabinets painted white, with maybe a light glaze.  I'm meeting with a professional next week to get some ideas on this project! :-)

This is the hallway coming in from the garage, and is where our board and batten projects began.

We continued the board and batten in the laundry room, which is off the hallway coming in from the garage.

Our master bedroom was the first room we tackled in the new house.  You can read more about it here.  Quite a dramatic change from where we started, and it's probably the most restful room in the house!  (I know, I need to get a bedskirt)

Here is our master bath.  As you can see, there is wallpaper removal to be done in here, but I need to work up some mental strength and motivation before I tackle it.
This would be our space-age looking shower.

Another room we tackled was my daughter's bedroom.  We opted for a soft pink (Sherwin Williams' "Priscilla"), and added this great paneled headboard, which I absolutely adore.  You can read about the inspiration and evolution of it here, and there is a tutorial here.

Our basement is also a space where we spend a lot of our time.  We added board and batten down here by the bar, along with a fun gallery wall.

This area of the basement is great for movie night (or the NCAA basketball tournament). 

My Mom Cave is down here as well.  It's a work in progress, but has come a long way baby!  You can read more about how far it's come here.  Here it is as it stands.

Well, that's it for now.  There are more rooms and more projects in store, but I'm having a great time working on it so far!

Thanks for stopping by and make sure you check out all of the other tours that are out there at poppies at play!