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My Sectional Fabric Selection

So, after much deliberation and agonization, I have finally made a decision on the fabric for my mammoth sectional that I mapped out at home.   As a refresher, here is the sectional as it appears on the Arhaus website:

While I love the look of a crisp white slipcover, it just isn't realistic for our family of five with a 100 pound black dog.  But, a big comfy sectional is still a good thing, right?

I had several fabric swatches that I had taken home to mull over, but I wasn't really feeling the love, you know?  There was one fabric swatch that I had liked in the store, but they didn't have it for me to take home.   So, I took a picture.

I'm totally digging the herringbone pattern in this fabric.

When I went back to return my fabric samples, I discovered that they had a sofa in the store with the fabric that I had been eyeing.  Being a visual person, it was a gift to see a furniture piece with the fabric on it. 

Sorry for the lame iPhone pics, but it's all I had.
So, while this isn't the sofa, I really loved the way the fabric looked.  It has great texture and provides the perfect neutral backdrop to all sorts of throw pillow possibilities.   Some other ideas:

I wanted flexibility and versatility in this furniture piece, and knowing that I can change out the throw pillows for a completely different look, really put my mind at ease with this purchase.  After looking at all of these throw pillows on Etsy, I am positively giddy about my options!  Giddy.

I am breaking out of my comfort zone this time around though. I'm getting an upholstered sectional.  That's right.  Upholstered.  Not slipcovered.  Eeek!  But, it's a really durable fabric and with the color variation, it should hide daily wear pretty well.   But still, after living in the Land of Slipcovers, this is a big change for me. 

But, the good news is that I can start making decisions on throw pillows and paint.  Giddy-up.


House Tour - Basement Before & After

Hello everyone!

After my paint color post last week, I vowed to show you more rooms in my house, even though they're not all finished to my liking (yet).  But, given that we just bought this house four months ago, I need to stop being a control freak and remember that Rome wasn't built in a day.

So, I've shown you some of our basement when I blogged about the gallery wall and the board & batten down there.  And I alluded to some of my less favorite spaces when I shared my paint colors.  The rooms that are painted in "Cardboard" by Sherwin Williams.  Well, you asked for it - here they are.

But first, a smattering of prettiness (light fixture aside - it reminds me of a sea creature).  During my trip to Ikea last week, I got the final pieces for this little nook.
As a side note, I think Ikea is the Scandinavian mnemonic for "I Kan't Escape Alone".   It is impossible to leave that maze of wonder place empty handed!

Here is a pre-move-in picture of what this area looked like before...

And here it is now:

Cardboard wall color aside, the basement is a wonderfully functional space that we use on a daily basis.  There is some striking grass cloth wallpaper in a couple areas of the basement, which I love.  And then there is my good friend, Indiana Jones...
In case you're wondering, it does light up.  It was left with the house, and will probably remain there for all eternity, since I have no idea how we would take it down.  But I don't plan on taking it down - it's just - FUN. 

Ok, on to one of the Cardboard Room spaces.  You asked for it.  Remember that.   Some of you may remember the chant that ran through my head in painting my Mom Cave a light shade of yellow... 

Poop and Pee.  Poop and Pee. 

The Mom Cave is through the doors, on the left.  And yes, I repainted it a non-yellow color.  It's a pretty Muslin color now.
And yes, I believe that is Charles Barkley on TV (I swear, I didn't put that on to distract you from the walls).  I kicked one of my boys out of the room during the NCAA games in order to take the picture.

And here is a view from the Mom Cave side...

In the distance in this photo, you can kind of see that there are windows in our basement, which was a huge plus for us.  We really wanted a space that was light and bright and not so basement-y.  More on that area another day.
A few notes on this room: 
  • It's a totally funky layout, making furniture placement a challenge to say the least.
  • I just got a quote for a bunch of painting to be done in the house that came in very reasonable, so hopefully this room (among others) will be painted in the not-so-distant future.
  • I scored the red bench/ottoman a couple of weeks ago at a garage sale (Arhaus - $100).  I know, it doesn't match.  Thinking about recovering it, but it is totally functional and what we need down there for the moment.
  • There is going to be a big game of Musical Chairs Furniture since I finally made a fabric decision for the jumbo-sized sectional we're buying.  (I literally ordered the sectional Sunday and am oh-so-excited!)  More on that soon...
  • I know there is a lot of stuff that still needs to be added to this room.  Please refer back to the four aforementioned bullet points on this one.  It's going to be a domino effect here.  Once the sectional arrives for our family room, changes will flow to the downstairs.
So there you have it!  My ugly Cardboard Room revealed!

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Spring Table Flare

First off, a big shout out to Kristin at My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia for featuring me today!  If you haven't checked out her blog, you must - I've been following her for awhile.  The girl has skills.  Her kitchen redo is beyond amazing.  Thanks so much Kristin!

Went to IKEA this weekend for a "quick" trip to exchange some barstools, and you can imagine how that went.  Walked out with much more!  Spotted a display with cute buckets with fresh (looking) greenery, and I couldn't resist. 

They have found a home on my dining room table...

I know you've been doing some Springtime Sprucing.  How are you ushering Spring into your home?

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My Home - Paint Colors

I have been getting emails from readers asking about the paint colors in my home, so I thought I would devote this post to just that.  (I'm planning on adding them as a page too).  I know a "whole house tour" is also in order, and I'm working on it.  First I need to let go of my idea that things need to be "done" before I share them.  But then, when is any room truly done, right?

Here we go...

Master Bedroom - This was the first room in our home that I tackled, and is probably my favorite.  The color is Mineral Deposit, by Sherwin Williams.  Just the perfect blue-gray shade that is oh-so-soothing.  I swear, I feel more relaxed just stepping into this room.

My daughter's bedroom is another one that was repainted before we moved in.  We went with a soft pink called "Priscilla" by Sherwin Williams.  Love that name for a paint color.  It looks just like you think it would.

My office has also had a facelift (still a work in progress).  I chose "Muslin" by Sherwin Williams.  This color could become a staple in my paint arsenal - a great neutral that is light, yet not at all cold.

There are still a multitude of colors in my home that are not my own doing.  Some are better than others. ;-)

Much of my home is painted in this color - "Burlap" by Sherwin Williams (although the paint that was used is Porter Paints).  It's in my family room, kitchen, main floor hallways and on my gallery wall in the basement.  I think the ceiling here in the great room was painted with the same Burlap color, cutting it by 25%.  (I say that because the paint cans in my basement are labeled as "Burlap 25%").  Makes sense, right?

The laundry room is painted in "Blonde" by Sherwin Williams.

There are more colors and rooms that I have not yet photographed and shared.  Some because I really don't like the colors, nor do I feel like anyone else will either.  One of the paint colors in our basement is named "Cardboard" for crying out loud.  Speaks for itself, right?  Blech.

Friends don't let friends paint their rooms "Cardboard".

Some rooms are covered in my nemesis - wallpaper

Others, I have repainted, but still need to photograph.  Again, I need to move beyond the idea that they need to be finished to be "blogworthy". 

Please tell me I'm not the only one who suffers from this affliction.


A Chalkboard Wall & Spinning Plates

Happy Monday!

I have been a busy bee, working on lots of different projects at once.  One space is in our kitchen, which has been sort of problematic, given that we have three kids and an uber-busy schedule.  I am in dire need of a "command center" to keep track of where/when everyone needs to be at their respective locations.

One thing I think is going to help is the chalkboard wall that I added.  It should at least be helpful in jotting down reminders or notes.  It's not a "wall" in the general sense of the word, more of a slice of a wall, but it's already being put to good use.

Here's where it began:

And here it is now - yes, March Madness is very much alive in our house.
I have also started taking down the wallpaper in the half bathroom.  Wallpaper removal is the devil's handiwork I tell you.  But, I'm feeling eternally grateful that I started my wallpaper removal exercise with a small room.  If I had started in the dining room, I would be ready for a padded room by now. 

Nevermind that I'm using vinegar and water to take this wallpaper down.  So, I smell like I've been coloring Easter eggs.  I started out trying to take it down by using fabric softener and water.  I really wish that had been more effective.  At least I would have smelled April Fresh.

But, I'm making progress.
It gets worse before it gets better, right?

I feel like I'm spinning plates right now, with many more projects in a state of semi-completion.

So, plenty of things to keep me busy.  Looking forward to sharing it all with you!

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Evolution of a Gallery Wall

Since the board and batten in the basement bar is complete, the Wall of Void above it has become my focus.  It has definitely been an evolution, with changes made along the way.  But, you can see where it started, and watch it step-by-step (you lucky devils) to the finished product. 

But, since I know you're as impatient as I am - here is a quick peek at the finished wall.  Just peek.  For a quick second.  A glimpse.

Ok, now look back at me.  Over here.

In creating this gallery wall, I started by gathering a bunch of different photos, pictures, etc.. and laid them out on the floor.
Now, if you're totally exhausted, like I am, because of the time change, you might not notice that the floor layout isn't what ended up on the wall.  That was part of the evolution.  And the fact I couldn't find the photos I wanted to put in the chunky frames.  (I had scrapbooking paper in the frames when we sold our old house in an effort to "neutralize" the space). 

Do you ever put something away for safe keeping and discover that it's SO safe that even YOU can't find it?  That's me.

Moving on.

So, here is how the wall began, and how it evolved through the process, step by step.
I started with the quatrefoil mirror that caught my eye at Lowe's, and hung it in the center of the space that I had designated for the gallery wall (basically from the little phone outlet on the left to the end of the board & batten.

Then I added a painting that we have, but had not yet hung in the house.  I love this painting.  Great colors and scene - it's like an old street scene.
Then I added the first of two metal tiles, made to look like old ceiling tiles.  I hung them on the diagonal to add a bit of interest and break up all of the squares that are in this space with the photos and pictures.

From here I added a framed black and white photo of my three kids.  Love this photo.  Good smiles from everyone and everything.  A small miracle, for anyone who has tried to get a group photo of their children.
Then I added the "W" for our last name.  Got this at the Ballard Outlet and love including it in a space like this.
Working to the left of the quatrefoil mirror, I added another painting - this one of a European cityscape.  Soft colors that work with the other painting.
Next, I added this frame that I spray painted black.  I think I got it at Goodwill.  I've had it for awhile and am happy that it finally found a home!
From here I added a couple of black and white sketches that my parents gave to me.  They too, had been packed away, unused for awhile.  They work perfectly in the larger black frame.
Now I added a picture of a locomotive.  Yes, a locomotive.  It's different in terms of its content, but with it being black and white with the black matting, it works.
Finally, I added a cute little Ikea clock that rounded out the wall in both its shape and positioning.

Yes, my daughter is missing a tooth.  She lost it at my mom's house when she wasn't quite two.  Fell down and hit it on the base of her couch and the thing came out root and all.  Fortunately, she's grown into the toothless look now and it's not quite so out of place. 

I'll tell you what, this girl is giving me a run for my money!  She's the one with the missing tooth, first one to get stitches (getting off the toilet, fell and hit her head on the stepstool that was in the bathroom).  And let's not forget the recent hair cutting incident...  None of that with my boys!

One final before and after view (sorry for the wall color differences - photos were taken at different times of the day):
So, there you go.  Do you have a gallery wall in your home?  I have always loved them - so many different options and possibilities!

Thanks for stopping by!

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