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My Own Bliss & Reupholstery

While I did not attend Blissdom, I had my own weekend of bliss - scrapbooking with friends at a cute Bed & Breakfast style place called Treasured Memories Retreat in Brownsburg, Indiana. Imagine, if you will, breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared for you. Having a nice warm bed to go to at the end of the day because someone turned on the electric blanket.  A large scrapbooking room to chat, hang out and let your creativity flow.

With more winter weather on the way, we were all fantasizing aout how cool it would be to be "snowed in" at Treasured Memories... 

I'm slapping myself back to reality now, and am investigating references in doing my chair reupholstery. The fabric store gave me a couple of names, and I'm mulling over my alternatives. Do I reupholster the chair altogether or slipcover it? One of the references is an individual, and the other has a store location. The individual is significantly more expensive, but then she sent me some photos of her work...

I'm a big fan of slipcovers, so part of me finds that option very appealing. Just not sure how well this chair will LOOK if it's slipcovered. More thinking to do on that one, but aren't those pieces beautiful?

What are your reupholstery experiences? Any tips?

Restful, me-time over.  Back to work!



More Mom Cave Fun

I have to give major snaps to Thrifty Decor Chick for taking the time to feature so many baby blogs like mine.  I knew something was going on when I had a huge influx of comments, and I'm thrilled!  Welcome to the new readers - I'm glad you're here!

My project focus continues to be on my Mom Cave, and since this room is going to be my sanctuary, it just makes it even more fun.  You all saw my Pretty in Pink lamp, and I'm adding some extra detail to bring her to life even more.

Call me crazy, but there is just something about pom-pom trim that I just can't resist (nor can my 5 year-old daughter - "MOM! I love your lamp!").  This lampshade is no exception.

You can see that more punches of pink have been added to the space as well.  I found the square wrought iron pieces at Goodwill awhile back, looking not-so-pretty...

 But look at them now -

They got a new friend too, and I'm loving the trio.  These are more pink in person, but I have given up trying to tweak it to get that "perfect" picture.   They match the lamp. ;-)

Can you see where Bahama Breeze has made an appearance?

Stay tuned!


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Pretty in Pink

I have to tell you, I'm having a lot of fun with my Mom Cave project, now that I've settled on a paint color that makes me happy, and I'm feeling good about my bold (for me, anyway) fabric choices for the room.  I'm digging the pops of color in the room, and have found some new friends to help me with the process.

I have turned into one of "those people" who carry fabric swatches in her purse, and thank goodness for that, because I don't think I would have picked up this paint otherwise!  A refresher on my fabric choices:

The paisley is for the my ugly chair that needs to be reupholstered, and the other fabrics will be used in the room in other ways.  So, can you see why the paisley would give me a bit of an anxiety attack?  It's pretty, yes, but to upholster a chair?  That's a bit of a step out my comfort zone.  Me likey my comfort zone. 

But, the goal of this space (since it's windowless) is to have it bright and cheerful.  These fabrics fit the bill. 

And so does the spray paint.  Maybe I'm gravitating toward such bright, fresh colors, because I'm in a winter funk, and craving Spring in a big way.  But I'm loving these colors - Watermelon and Bahama Breeze.  And so is my Goodwill lamp.

Poor, sad, washed out lamp...

But she's looking fresh and happy now, isn't she?  I still want to do something with the shade, but I'm digging this lamp.  Pinky Tuscadero would be digging this lamp. 

Such a fun, punchy color!  Literally.  Punchy.  More pops of color coming soon!


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Mom Cave Paint - Plan B - A Mini Reveal

I finally made a leap of faith and chose a paint color for my office/mom cave.  I had bought some sample paints in shades of green and let them "marinate" for awhile, and decided that wasn't the direction in which I wanted to go.  I started thinking that since I had such fun, bold (for me anyway) fabrics, that I wanted to keep the backdrop neutral.  So, I opted for Concord Buff by Sherwin Williams.

Well, I got it up on the walls and let it sit with me for awhile.   Then I got to thinking.  Remember how I described the original wall color as "baby poo brown"?  Well, the walls in the rooms leading into my office are the same brown color.  In terms of room flow, you're looking from a brown room to a yellow room.   Then I start thinking about my kids talking about a local high school teams' colors of brown and gold, chanting "Poop and Pee!  Poop and Pee!"  So when I look at this room, guess what's playing in my head?

Poo colored room leading to my office

Another contrast in the before/after colors
since I hadn't painted behind the storage piece yet

I even looked at the upholstery fabric out to see if I could warm up to it some more.

Now, I know it doesn't look that bad, but it was definitely more yellow than what I wanted.  And, I didn't want to be working down in this space, always regretting my color choice.  Perhaps I should have just been more patient and waited for the Room Remix Paint Series.  Alas, patience is not one of my virtues. 

Did I ever tell you that I repainted our master bedroom the day before my due date?  Went into labor early the next morning.  Not the patient type when it comes to painting.

Now, on to Plan B.  Since I couldn't finish the room with one gallon of paint (flat paint sucks, literally - it absorbs the paint like a sponge), and I needed to buy another gallon anyway, I opted for Muslin by Sherwin Williams, instead.

It's a creamier neutral, and works with the light tones in the fabric.  So, I was up until midnight on Saturday night, painting.  Much better.  No more poop and pee anymore.

I'm in love with the Muslin color - it really hit the mark.  And I'm having a lot of fun with the pops of color in this room as well (more on that in another post).  The chair is obviously not reupholstered yet, but I wanted to see if I could get a feel for what it would look like.  A work in progress...

Shall we take a trip back and review the before as well?

I still have a lot on tap for this space, but am loving the results so far!


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Master Bedroom Evolution

I'm giving you all a break from our board and batten madness (I have one more space to complete), and am going to change gears to focus on our master bedroom.  Our master bedroom was falling flat with me when we looked at our new house, and it was the first room that I painted as a result.  By looking at the before pictures, you can probably understand why.

The salmon colored walls and heavy drapes - no thanks.  So, we decided to go for more of a calm, cool relaxing vibe, and painted the walls in Sherwin Williams' "Mineral Deposit".  
Mineral Deposit
It's a great blue/gray color and changes with the light during the day.  Plus, it really opened up the room - moreso than I even expected.  We (ok, my dad) also took down the heavy drapes, which really made a huge difference to the look and feel of the room.  We freshened up the room a bit further by having carpets cleaned and stretched since they were looking pretty sad.

FYI - The ceiling is not pink, that's just the way the
light makes it look
 While I still don't consider this room "done", it's definitely a huge improvement from where it started.  I added some dummy panels to frame the window, and we put up some bamboo shades as well, since the previous owners had NO blinds whatsoever.  One of the big selling points of this house is that we don't need blinds since there is no one behind us.  But I value my sleep and don't always appreciate being awakened by Mr. Golden Sun.

View out of our bedroom window - LOVE it. 
I'm still not completely satisfied with my window at the moment, since I wanted to hang the bamboo shades so that they were level with the drapes, but I'm working on a way to fix that.   But then sometimes I think they might be ok the way they are... (Ignore the cords - both from the shades and the tv...)

We bought a great storage bench for the foot of the bed.  Fills the space nicely and is functional to boot.

I would still like to add some sort of banding or embellishment on the drapery panels, and I need to get a bedskirt as well.  Not to mention that I am SO going to replace that ceiling fan with some sort of chandelier.  It's all a work in progress.   Baby steps, right?

Thanks for stopping by!

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The Rug & Ballard Designs Outlet Treasures

When I posted about my first board and batten hallway project, I got a lot of questions about where I bought the rug for the space.  I must tell you, this rug was love at first sight.

I loved the bold print, and it was a bonus that the colors within the rug worked perfectly with my existing wall colors.  I mean, perfectly.  Where did I get it?  The Ballard Designs Outlet.  Yes friends, the Outlet.  This place is a little slice of heaven, and I need to go on a field trip just to give you an idea of the treasures that await.  In the meantime, I can show you some of the finds that I have discovered.

First off - slipcovers.  My family room sofa is actually from Arhaus furniture, but  I discovered that the dimensions of the Arhaus "Baldwin" sofa and the Ballard "Baldwin" sofa are the same.  (Gee, call me Sherlock Holmes, figuring that one out).  But, the point is that the slipcovers from Ballard will work on my Arhaus sofa, for much LESS.  I'm on my third set of slipcovers for this couch, and scored my most recent slipcover from the Outlet for about $300.  Definitely less than I paid for my second set of slipcovers, that I purchased from Arhaus, prior to my detective work.

Old slipcover pictured below -  (please ignore moving boxes and mounds of crap, as this picture was taken shortly after we moved in and we were still unpacking).  Did you catch the symbolism that it was dark outside and the slipcovers were dark? 

And the After - with my new light and airy slipcover from Ballard Outlet - a fresh linen-esque slipcover, and a sweet grain sack replica pillow (also from Ballard Outlet) with a bright outside to go along with it.  (Still looking for a slip for the chair that goes with the sofa).

We have since scored a sweet burlap ottoman from Ballard.  I don't have a new picture with it in the room yet, but here is a picture of the ottoman:

The hook-thingy and green shelving unit turned shoe/mitten caddy was also from the Outlet:

So, who knows what other lovely treasures I'll find?  But it's a lot of fun keeping tabs on their inventory. :-)



Laundry Room Love

While I love the look of board and batten, I must say, of all rooms in the house, I think I loathe painting the laundry room the most.  I become "Crouching Mother, Hidden Painter" working behind the washer and dryer, but there is just no easy way around it. (Especially since I didn't think to do it before we moved in.  When the room was empty.) 

You may remember, we started with the hallway, since it was a good place for us to get our feet wet.  Again, like the hallway, the laundry room had flat paint, and the board and batten treatment was a good way to not only make the walls bright and cheery, but also much easier to clean and maintain!  While I still plan on some more repainting in this new house of ours, for the moment, I like the laundry room color, since it looks so cute with the window treatment.  Ok enough chit chat - on to the eye candy. 

Here is the true "Before" of this room - we had not yet moved in and it looks nice and spacious with no washer and dryer.  See, cute window treatment, right?

Here is the laundry room with the boards up - sorry about the blown highlights of the window, but you get the idea...

And the finished product - took the photos last night, I couldn't wait any longer! 

The hook-thingy on the wall as well as the green shelving unit are both from Ballard Designs Outlet.  I honestly don't know exactly what the intended use is for either of them, but for my purposes, they work.

This is an edited-for-blog version of the amount of shoes/coats/backpacks that pass through this room on a daily basis.  Trust me when I tell you we use MANY of the hooks on the wall hook thingy, and if I could get my kids to corral their shoes to a central location, the shelves would be overflowing (assuming the shoes made it to the shelves, that is).

I do love the drawers that come with this unit.  Perfect for hats, gloves and scarves!  And yes, those are slippers sitting there.  Part of my attempt at getting my kids to take their shoes off vs. traipsing dirt through our new house.  It's a work in progress...

Thanks for looking.  Now I need to tackle the laundry that has been piling up in my dining room during this project!  Seriously, if someone showed up at my front door, I would turn off all of the lights and pretend I wasn't home.  It's that bad.