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Friday 5+1 {5 Things I Love +1 Thing I Don't}

Happy Friday Friends!

I hope you've had a great week and are ready to roll into the the weekend.  It's been another busy one here, and next week is going to be even crazier.

Let's chat about the 5 Things I Love and the 1 Things I Don't, since it's been awhile since I've shared a list with you guys.

Smart Glass
I saw this in a recent issue of "Housetrends" - a local magazine featuring homes, products and remodels in the area - and thought it was so cool.  The idea behind Smart Glass, is that you can get privacy with the flip of a switch.  It turns a regular window into a frosted window, just like that!  What a great way to get privacy, without the hassle of a window treatment.  So. cool.

Ergonomic Caulk Guns
My paint guy introduced me to this amazing caulk gun, and I can't imagine using anything else after getting my hands on this little beauty.  It's so light and easy to use, no strain on your hands, no caulking overflow or anything.  I. love. it.

Urinals for Boys' Bathrooms
My girlfriend, (who had the ingenious pantry door from her garage), added a urinal to her twin boys' Jack and Jill bathroom.  As a mother of two boys (and a wife to another), I love this idea!

Gorgeous Sconces
Even though I don't think I can add sconces to my master bathroom that I'm working on for the Once Room Challenge (the mirrors I bought are too large), I can't help but drool over these gorgeous ones by Norwell that I spotted at a local lighting store.

Soooo pretty.  And yes, they come in a pretty antique brass finish as well.

Festool Sander + Dust Extractor
I have slowly been acquiring new tools as I take on more kitchen cabinet painting jobs, and my Festool sander and dust extractor combo are the bomb.  The sander is amazing in that there is little vibration to it, and it's easy to maneuver, but when you add the dust extraction element, it just takes it to the next level.  Sanding with little to no dust?  Yes, please.  It not only makes my job easier, but clients happier when I don't leave a dust trail in their homes.  It's also making my master bathroom wallpaper removal/wall patching process a lot easier.

The +1 That I Don't Like - A Non-Functioning Water Heater
We had a new water heater installed just over a year ago, and it's just never been right.  So now, our trusted HVAC guy is working on it, and in the process had to turn it off to help determine the issue (it's leaking).  So, we have no hot water until tomorrow afternoon.  And I'm stinky from working out and painting all day.  An ice cold shower is just not appealing to me. At all.  First world problems, I know.

Have a beautiful weekend my friends!


One Room Challenge Week 4: Paint Fail


Do you ever have a week where you feel like you were super busy, yet have little to show for it?  That's me this week.  My week has evolved around my bathroom vanity and my indecision about the paint color.  I shared a peek at it last week, and was hoping to share the finished product with you this week.  But then, I couldn't shake off the fact that I wasn't completely sold on the paint color.  I was looking for a soft black, but instead, got a shade of gray.

I thought maybe another coat of paint would do the trick, but after living with it and looking at it for awhile, I knew it would bug me if I didn't change it.  Especially since I'm looking at adding black through different accessories.  My husband was sure to show me that it wasn't black, by holding up a pair of black dress socks against it.  He's a helper like that.

I thought maybe I'd change my mind once I got the doors and drawers back in place, and had knocked out some serious progress assembly-line style over the weekend when we had some glorious weather.  I was feeling confident.

Nope.  Definitely too gray.

I went back to the paint store on Monday to have my paint guy (aka The Paint Whisperer) remix the paint to give it a black hue.  Unfortunately, he was out sick.  So yesterday I finally got the paint color tweaked and tested it out.

Eureka! We have a winner!

Here you can see the difference between the old shade (right) and the new shade (left).  I feel better now.

So, I'm sorry I don't have more to report to you this week.  This paint fail was a temporary setback.  Moving forward this week!