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Customizing Store-Bought Furniture


If you remember my 5+1 post (5 Things I Love + 1 Thing I Don't) from last week, I included Bargains and Buyouts (again), and shared this little beauty that I scored for the low, low price of $70.

I did some ottoman shuffling, and put the new addition in the family room.

I had thought about painting it gold, and after seeing some dings on the frame, I decided to do something about it.

So, I got to work.  Originally, I started taping it off, planning to cover it in plastic before painting: 

But then I discovered how easy it was to just unscrew it from the frame.  Much better.

Propped up the frame on my handy dandy paint pyramids, and I'm ready to go.

These things are so handy and so smart - I use them for cabinet painting all the time, but they're great for projects like this too.

I picked up some Rustoleum Universal Metallic paint in Pure Gold.  Love this stuff - by far, my favorite paint for metallics, and this color is spectacular.

A couple of coats later, and I'm done!

Much better, don't you think?  

Who says it needs to stop at furniture?  Look at these customized store-bought drapes at SAS Interiors.
Source: SAS Interiors
I've seen a lot of IKEA Billy Bookcase customizations out there, but look at this amazing library wall from Bliss at Home.  Are you even kidding me right now?  Stunning.
Source: Bliss at Home

Or this super-functional built-in cubby system courtesy of IKEA Hackers.
Source: IKEA Hackers


Reader Feature: Custom Pantry, Organization + More!


I'm so excited to share a great reader project with you all today!  You may remember Kelly's kitchen from awhile back, after it was transformed with paint.  Let me refresh your memory.  


Absolutely gorgeous, right?

Kelly emailed me asking about some paint changes that they had made, and others that they were thinking about making.  In the process of sharing photos, I was (once again) blown away by their DIY projects.

First things first - they painted the pantry doors to break things up a bit, since there are a lot of white doors going on as you make your way into the kitchen.  They painted them the same color as the island - Kelly wasn't sure if she liked it, and was thinking maybe they should have kept them white, whereas her husband liked the contrast.

What do you think?

I'm a fan of painted pantry doors, and I think the color looks great with the whole look of the kitchen, and gives it a little more depth and interest.

Then she proceeded to show me what was behind the pantry doors.  Are you sitting down?

Her husband built them.  These used to be the old school wire shelves that drive people crazy.  As Kelly said so well - "No more wire shelving!"  Amen!

You can kind of see what the pantry looked like before in these photos.

And yes, Kelly has crazy canning skills too.  If she lived closer, I would have her teach me to can, while I put her husband to work building me an awesome mud room bench with lots of cubbies.

I had to pick up my jaw off the ground when I saw these glorious pantry photos.  And the organization makes it even more swoon-worthy.  Shut. UP.

Another, more subtle, improvement was made to the space, but it has made a big change in how the space functions.

"My husband has ripped up the existing tile in the laundry room/garage door entrance and replaced it with a beautiful cream colored tile in a great pattern.  He also moved the garage door entrance into our kitchen back a few feet by building an alcove (and we really didn’t lose that much space in the garage to do this).  It was a huge improvement because we no longer hit the pantry doors (which the kids often leave open) when we come in through the garage door."

Here you can see how they pushed the entrance into the house back into the garage.

Along with the pretty tile they installed.

So now when they come in, there isn't a cluster of doors to deal with anymore!  

Even space for a family calendar.

And here you can see the door leading to the garage.  So smart!!

As is this all wasn't fantastic enough, she also fed my DIY addiction by sharing an update to that void of space that you have underneath the staircase.

Before (well, more like, in progress):


So, there you have it!  I love hearing from readers who share their DIY projects with me (and even better when they allow me to share them with you!).  Have you been working on a big project?  Please share in the comments, or send me some photos if you don't have a blog.  

Sadly, neither Kelly, nor her husband have a blog.  Believe me, I asked.  More than once...

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Friday 5+1


Happy Friday everyone!  It's getting cool and crisp around here - great football weather, and I just might break out my boots this weekend for our local Octoberfest. :-)

Lots to share for today's Friday 5+1 (5 Things I Love + 1 Thing I Don't)!  Let's get started!

Cute Shops Decorated for Fall
I have shared our local Fleurish Home store with you before, but I popped in there last week, and just love how they've decorated for fall.  It's nearly impossible to walk out without buying something, or at the very least, being totally inspired.

This one had me at hello.  I caved, and bought one of their cute little pumpkins and have it under a cloche (minus the wreath - might have to go back and pick one up)..

These large pumpkins caught my eye - they're made out of palms.  Great idea!

These are tags that you can attach to a bottle of wine, or even a gift, and write a chalk note on them.  All different styles available, but I thought this tree was a cute idea for fall.

Sweet place card holders for Thanksgiving anyone?

Or a cute jack o'lantern?  (The candle is flameless - even better!)

Or perhaps you need some boot toppers to wear with your boots (when you go to Octoberfest)...

Bargains and Buyouts
I know I have yammered on and on about this place, but I. just. love. it.  PLUS, I want you to know that they're moving one of their locations!  The new address will be: 5150 Glencrossing Way Suite #100 Cincinnati, Ohio, 45238.  They said they will be opening in a couple of weeks (so, by the end of September), and that their new place will be FIVE TIMES BIGGER!  Sorry for the all caps, but the location they're closing (Colerain) is already HUGE!  They said it will be the size of three football fields.  Can't wait!  In the meantime, both locations are chock full of great stuff!

Light fixtures - $25 each!  Love these sconces!

Home office, anyone?  FYI - the chair is only $59...

Dining room table and chairs - 

Love the design on this table - I could use it as a massive desk!

More lovely light fixtures - again, $25 each!

Don't even get me started on the rugs.

Cute bar cart, or a great piece for storing craft/office supplies.

I think I have a thing for these criss-cross tables...

Another beautiful dining room - $799 for the set!

I popped over to the Hamilton location (2290 Dixie Highway, Hamilton, OH 45015), and spotted more deals.

This huge rug (reading more blue in this picture than it really is) - $100.  That's a 9x13 rug.  Yes, I'm serious.

Are you thinking, "I've seen that somewhere before?"  Yes, you have - on (which I love, and have purchased rugs from them myself).

See?  Big rugs, $100 each.  Told ya.

These lockers caught my eye - $199.  So cute for a mud room or even in the garage.

These leather woven chairs caught my eye too.

And my ottoman obsession continues.  I'll admit it, I bought this one, and it's sitting happily in my family room.  $70!!  I'm thinking about painting the base gold and giving it an antiqued look.  What do you think?

My girlfriend made her way down here after I sent her photos of some of the deals down here.  She walked away with this piece of tufted goodness for $75.

This one is pretty sweet too.  Priced at $99, but I'm guessing you could get it for less.  Mine was priced at $99 also, and I walked out paying $70!

Chairs - 2 for $50!

If memory serves, this cute tufted chair was $89.  It would be lovely in an office, don't you think?

Discovering New Places

After leaving Bargains and Buyouts, I passed a place that caught my eye - Pease Warehouse & Kitchen Showroom.  That has to be good, right?  Oh yes...

Bathroom vanities anyone?

Doors, doors, doors!

Even a Dutch door!

And be still my heart - kitchen cabinets.

Nice, yes?

And clearance ones too!

Yes, please.

They even had old doors that you could purchase.  Many might not be interested, but since I'm starting to take on more cabinet painting jobs, these are going to be great sample doors to show potential clients. :-)

The "Super Pantry"
Thought this article in the Wall Street Journal was interesting - "The Rise of the Super Pantry".  I know it's something that I would love to have, and apparently I'm not alone!  You must check out the photo slide show of dreamy pantries!

I'm not one to take and/or peddle supplements, but I'm sharing this one since I have personal experience with it, and it helped me.  In a nutshell, Curcumin is a natural anti-inflammatory that is derived from tumeric.  I developed tendinitis in my shoulder (they also called it a "shoulder impingement"), and it got to the point that it was waking me up at night, due to the pain I was experiencing.  I cut back on activities that aggravated it, but my improvement was negligible.

My paint guy, of all people, told me about this stuff.  He has issues with his sciatic nerve, and it's not unusual for me to see him hobbling around with a cane, due to the pain he experiences.  A 90+ year-old woman told him about Curcumin, and he said it has dramatically changed things for him in terms of his pain and mobility.  I didn't have anything to lose, so I gave it a shot.  Lo and behold, I noticed a big difference, and it's the only thing that changed, so I'm giving it the credit.  My pain has almost completely diminished, and I'm back at doing my workouts at nearly 100%.  My mom has similar issues with her wrist, and noticed an improvement as well.  But, judge for yourself - this is my personal experience.

You can pick it up at the health food store.

The One Thing I Don't Like - Ignorant Drivers
As for the one thing I don't like - dentists are still on my list, as I went back to the dentist again this week since I'm still having pain.  However, I'm going to throw out a new one - ignorant drivers.  While driving on the highway I saw a pick-up truck completely overloaded with palettes - truly an accident waiting to happen.  Not only was the truck overloaded, the driver was driving super-slow, in the middle of the highway.  

I didn't get a photo (since I was driving), but this gives you an idea.  Just replace the junk with palettes.
This sort of thing ranks up there with people who drive slow in the left lane on the highway.  Don't do that!

Have a wonderful weekend!